Switching Gears

Now that training for Marathon #3, the Fox Valley Marathon, is complete and I finished injury free, I’m starting to consider what other things I want to be doing.  I’ve done a lot of running this year, 561 miles already (!), and also completed 2 duathlons & a triathlon. 

I have a lot of things on my mind that I’d like to do in the next year or so.  Fitness-wise, some of them include:

  • Getting faster
  • Running in a relay race
  • Doing more triathlons
  • Practicing Yoga more

Outside of fitness & athletic endeavors, others include:

  • Getting to my wedding happy & not-to-stressed out
  • Getting this crazy work under control
  • Completing a professional certification I’ve been delaying on

I’m in an introspection time at this point and plotting out what I’d like to do more of or try out.  A few things on the short term:

  1. Planning for an upcoming vacation to AMSTERDAM!  Mike & I will be running in the Amsterdam Half Marathon, and we just received the information packets this week!  We didn’t plan out that our vacation would be then, but when we looked up when it might be, it turned out to be at the same time! I can’t wait to run in kilometers!
  2. Thinking about how to get faster.  I’ve been working hard at my running and I am not as happy about the rate of improvement per the amount of effort I put in.  I need to be more strategic about my running, and maybe focusing on the marathon isn’t going to get me too much faster overall. 
  3. Get the craziness (mostly work) under control.  And help me control my own reactions more, by going to yoga more.  My closest yoga studio is starting a 6:30 AM class, which, while early, I’m going to love because I always have more control over my mornings than I do my late afternoons.  I can make my 6:30 AM Wednesdays, and I know I’ll be better for it! 
  4. Try some new things, and go back to old favorites.  I just bought a Daily Candy deal for a pilates studio near me, which I think I’ll try out.  I’m also considering getting back more into swimming, which was my exercise of choice growing up.  I loved getting into the pool early this summer as we started the triathlon training. 
  5. Have fun at the Bucktown 5K tomorrow, and cheer my butt off next weekend at the Chicago Marathon! 


Good Luck everyone running in Milwaukee or Minneapolis this weekend, and in Chicago next weekend!!!


3 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Monica

    Hi Lauren! I just tried my first Pilates class last week and loved it and will definitely be back – it was like using my legs in whole new ways 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

  2. kilax

    I hope you love your yoga class tomorrow!

    And Amsterdam! I can’t wait to hear more! I think we need to hear about the 5K too?

    I think speedwork is best for speed, not marathon training. I’ve been at a standstill too. I am too lazy to do speedwork! You should do some and inspire me 🙂

    Congrats on finishing the marathon injury-free! That is a big deal!


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