Meet Lauren

Hello!  My name is Lauren, a Chicago 20-something, and I like to run!  I would like to share my enthusiasm for running as well as learn from other people about what gets them moving!

I live in Chicago and have been running for several years. I started running in college in Washington, DC, and did my first 5K my senior year.

In Madison, WI I began running more, and completed my first marathon (Chicago Marathon 2007) with Team in Training.  Many other events also done, and I learned to enjoy running.

When I moved to Chicago, I took a brief time away from running, and started back up again in 2009 with 5Ks.  In 2010 I ran 5 half marathons (!) and also began running with other people in training groups.

I’ve recently completed the Illinois Marathon on April 30, 2011 and am excited to have cut 15 minutes off of my previous marathon PR!

I’m currently enrolled in a Chicago Endurance Sports Triathlon training group, and also signed up to run in the Fox Valley Marathon in September!  I love me some distance running!

Likes: Garmin, Swedish Fish, runs in the morning, compression socks, red wine & microbrews

Dislikes: shirts that don’t wick, animal crackers, muddy runs.

Let me know what else you’d like to hear about.

Email me: laurenrunschicago (at) gmail (dot) com

Follow me on Twitter @runlaurenrun

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