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I’ve been away from blogging for a little while – did you miss me? I’ve been busy – between wedding stuff, honeymoon, race support & now staycation time!  Here’s a potpurri of some things that have been going through my mind to share with you all:

Wedding Stuff:

The big day went great, and I’m so grateful for all of the love and support shown by our friends and family throughout the wedding weekend (and months leading up to it)! A few links to share with you:


  • Pre-wedding, I got in ~ 3 runs that week, one of which was a 9 miler by surprise! I just kept running and running, and didn’t need to get back for anything.  I wish I had taken some Gu or ShotBlocks though. 
  • During this almost 10-miler, I composed a blog post in my head, and meant to write it out sometime less than 2 weeks before that run.  The post would have been titled “I’m ready for professional running.” It was such a beautiful day out, the sun was shining, and I was spontaneously on a long run when I’d initially planned for a quick 3 or 4 miler.  Bring it on, Kara. 
  • I did 3 runs in Tuscon (our honeymoon spot) and they were hard!  I figured out a few days in that there are a few key differences between CHicago & Tuscon:
    • Heat – 90 degrees v/s 50s that Chi-town had been getting,
    • Hills – my workouts were on trail or road that happened to be situated on hills, oops I mean the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains,
    • Elevation – Tuscon is situated at ~2000 ft elevation, compared to our 579 ft. While Tuscon’s not the highest spot in the US, I have been known to experience issues at elevation and this trip seemed no different. I feel “off” for a few days, feel pretty bad around day 4, and then great from 5-6 onward. (Oh wait, the honeymoon was 6 days long)
  • I’ve gone to some yoga classes – 3 so far, but there’s potentially time for some more! We’ll see! I did think I’d be ready for Yoga Teacher Training after these two weeks tho.

Honeymoon / Staycation:

  • Honeymoon was in Tuscon AZ – if you didn’t figure that out before.  We selected it as the new “hipster” honeymoon spot.
  • Mike also happened to compete in the US Paraduathlon National Championship Event.  They conveniently scheduled it during the honeymoon so we wouldn’t have to travel somewhere else.
  • We also enjoyed the pool at the resort we stayed at, and ate some really great Mexican, Tex-Mex, Native American & Contemporary American cuisines while we were there. 
  • Staycation has been going on before & after honeymoon. I’ve been catching up on rest, reading, completing errands that fell by the wayside when Hurricane Wedding arrived. I’ve also been able to work out most days during Staycation, and not feel like a crazy lady combining work/workout/extracurriculars/food/blogging all in a single day.
  • I have been enjoying cooking during the past few days – I made some Cheesy Quinoa Fritters yesterday, pasta & a peanut butter cake today. More meal prepping has been going on as well! 

Well, that’s all for now! Good night!

Short Run

Tonight I did a short run. Short runs are great because:

  • They take less time
  • Shorter people do them better Smile
  • You can get errands in
  • You’ll get the cardio burst as well as shaking out your legs
  • You don’t have to worry about ‘when’ – you just go!

I think I often make a big deal about when I’m going to run – even though my average run length is 4 miles. I get it done in 45 minutes, however I fret about ‘when.’ “I have to have enough energy.” “I’ll have to shower afterward.” “I have somewhere to be.” I have a lot of excuses!

Hopefully the short run – mine was 1.68 miles and included a stop at CVS for some toothpaste – will become a little more frequent, or at least the option when I otherwise want to skip a run.

Today was my last day at work for a few weeks – it’s wedding time!  I’ve got some wedding prep days, and then the big day is Saturday! Some key memories from this weekend and week:

  • Going out to a wine bar for one of the last nights as a single lady
  • Prepping welcome bags with my future mother-in-law
  • Bridal shower at work today (I wore my boss’ veil from her wedding 10 years ago! Tossed a bouquet!)
  • Picking out plants at the garden store (odd & not completely wedding-related, but something I really enjoy)
  • Well wishes from so many people!

And a fun photo that’s wedding-related – can you guess what it is and where it’ll show up at the wedding? 

bike photo