Life List

In the interest of tracking what I’d like to do in life (not necessarily just running), I am publishing a life list.  This is a compilation of things I’d like to do – written both now and on previous napkins.

A lot of this is travel-focused, as that is where my heart’s longtime passion has laid.

  1. Qualify for Boston (I know this may be a reach, but a girl can try!)
  2. Scuba dive with dolphins
  3. Go to Easter Island
  4. Run a marathon in an international location
  5. Hike Macchu Picchu
  6. Go to Africa
  7. Do a Yoga Retreat
  8. Travel about in Napa Wine Country
  9. Bicycle in French Wine Country
  10. Go diving in Tahiti
  11. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  12. Travel to Colombia
  13. Go to Egypt
  14. Go to Italy. Eat lots of wonderful food
  15. Go to India
  16. Go to Indonesia (I think I’m chanelling Eat, Pray, Love, right now)
  17. Roast a chicken
  18. Run the New York City Marathon
  19. Go to Antarctica
  20. Go surfing in Hawaii
  21. Go to Paris
  22. Road-trip across part of the United States
  23. Visit Maine and eat lobster
  24. Go to Malaysia
  25. Go rafting up the Amazon
  26. Go rock-climbing
  27. Ride around all night in a limousine
  28. Go to Vegas and gamble the night away
  29. Make sushi
  30. Eat sushi in Japan
  31. Run the Big Sur Marathon
  32. Run Marine Corps Marathon
  33. Run in an all-night relay (e.g. MC200)
  34. Try trapeze yoga
  35. Take a cooking bootcamp/cooking class

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