Half Ironman…

You are registered!

I alluded to a big race goal in my new year’s post.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and registered for 70.3 Racine!

Why I want to do a Half Ironman:

  • I like the half marathon distance. I think it’s my favorite running distance
  • I’ve loved the triathlons I did over the past two years
  • I like the swimming & running components of triathlon — and have been working at my biking this past year
  • I’m a glutton for heavy training!
  • All my friends are doing it… Not a good reason, but many of my triathlon buddies are diving into the half iron training. Now that I know more people it’ll be much easier to find training buddies for those long bike rides!  A number of them are targeting Racine as for their 70.3 race.
Chicago Triathlon Medal

Hopefully it doesn’t rain on race day…

So wish me luck on July 21!  Or that I won’t need luck…

Next up, figuring out my training group & training program.  Just over 6 months to go!  

7 thoughts on “Half Ironman…

  1. Luz @ Eat.Run.Sleep.Repeat

    Wow! Half Ironman?! Good Luck with all your training! I’ve never done a tri, but it sounds awesome and its def something I want to do in the future. I’m just nervous about open swimming… I taught myself how to swim about 4 years ago so my swimming is still iffy lol
    Do they allow any type of road bikes for sprint tri’s?

    1. laurenruns Post author

      Thanks! You could definitely do a sprint triathlon! South Shore Tri is a great beginners triathlon as it’s pretty shallow water, and a smaller group of participants than some of the other tris (like Chicago Triathlon). Almost all triathlons allow people to use any type of road bike or even mountain bike.

    1. laurenruns Post author

      You can do a triathlon with any bike you have — it’s just nice to have a faster bike if you do get into longer distances or more than just one! I loved the South Shore Tri as my first triathlon, and there’s all types of bikes at that race! I rode a mountain bike my first year!


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