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Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge–Week 2

Second week of the healthy Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!  This was a busy week for me (with a last minute work road trip!) but I tried to be as healthy as possible this week, including making sure I got in enough sleep and rest time.  For me, keeping healthy is hard when I travel, so I consider one win this week that I was able to keep my veggie intake up on my travel days. 

  • Saturday last week:
    • 5 miles run – 5 points
    • 3 servings of veggies – 0 points (I had a brunch party & then holiday party… need to plan better on my veggies!)
  • Sunday:
    • 3.25 miles run – 3 points
    • 8 servings of veggies – 1 point
  • Monday:
    • 30 minute weight training – 1.5 points
    • 8 servings of veggies – 1 point
  • Tuesday:
    • 1 mile of walking – 1 point
    • ?? servings of veggies – 0 points (no salad today)
  • Wednesday:
    • Rest Day  – travel to the lovely springfield, IL
    • 7 servings of veggies – 1 point
  • Thursday:
    • Rest Day – travel home from Springfield
    • 8+ servings of veggies – 1 point (4 of those were broccoli – gotta love the southern lunch buffets!)
  • Friday:
    • 1 mile walked – 1 point
    • 7 servings of veggies – 1 point

I definitely worked better on getting the veggies in this week, although my exercise wasn’t quite as robust as I’d have hoped.  My goal this week:  get back to 30+ minutes every day, with Sunday as the rest day. 

Get that Booty Movin’

Things I’m looking forward to this week / rest of November:

  1. Goal to run 4 days a week – just get out there and do it!
  2. Eating pumpkin puddin’. I started on that tonight.  Thanks Mike!
  3. Turkey Trots! No, not bad trots.  Thanksgiving day runs.  Who else is up for that? Anyone running in the Lincoln Park Turkey Trot?
  4. Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!

This is my 2nd year doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!  It’s a great challenge put on by Amanda at Run to the Finish, and helps us to stay healthy throughout the holiday season.  The challenge starts on Saturday, so check it out and see if you’re interested in participating!


The premise: practice healthy habits and get rewarded for doing it! And hopefully end the holiday season with no more pounds than when you entered! 

I’ll be looking forward to it, and also seeing if I can start up weekly wrap-ups of my training.  Right now I’m looking to get faster, and have put together some training goals to help get me going there!