2012 Goals

I try to be a goal-oriented person, and in 2012 am going to try to focus on better documenting my progress toward goals. I intend to post monthly sub-goals to work toward my year’s goals.

2012 Goals

1. Get my Om on. I want to go to yoga at least twice a week, and incorporate yoga principles into my daily routine. I’m also throwing around the idea of doing a 30 day yoga challenge, although I don’t want to over-extend myself.

2. Tri More. Complete 4 triathlons this year – 2 sprint, 2 olympic distance. I’d like to do some dedicated swim workouts & bike workouts before tri season really begins (which seems to be May/June). And I want that number to see progress being made in training & fitness.

3. Join a club.  I’d also like to get involved with the local Chicago Tri Club.  First meeting of 2012 is on my calendar!

4. Get faster. I want to find a way to get some speedwork into my regular running routine, preferably with a group.

5. Resist the marathon until late 2012 or 2013. This seems like a funny goal, especially for the girl who ran 3 this year, and while I love the distance, I want to focus on my overall fitness & speed before diving back into the high volume distance training again. November or December marathons, anyone?. When I train for the marathon, my goals are to go sub-5:00 and ideally sub-4:45.  (Dream:  BQ- not happening this year!)

6. Be an awesome relay team member.  I’d love to participate in the Ragnar Madison-to-Chicago relay (the two cities where I’ve spent my adult life), but if not that, then I want to get a group together for a triathlon or other type of relay.  I love cheering people on, and it’s so much more fun when they’re your teammates!

7. Learn how to change a flat tire. As I bike more, I don’t want to get caught with my pants down, so to speak.  It’s a helpful skill to have.

8. Work on getting Michelle Obama’s arms. I’d really love to have some definition to my arms, particularly as I walk down the aisle at the end of April. Other strength sub-goals:  accomplish a four minute plank and complete 20 real push-ups in a row.

9. Complete a “Post Card Challenge.”  I will send a post card once a week to a friend or family member, in the effort of staying connected and reaching out to friends and family.  Since I live far away from my old friends & family, staying in touch is something I am always trying to do better.

10. Participate in a bike-specific event. Some sort of cycling event. Not sure what yet.

11. Get more in touch with my creative side. I often feel that I’m a very pragmatic, logical person, and would like to get more in tune with my right-brain.

12. Cook some new dishes.  I’ve got to impress my hubby-to-be with my mad cooking skills!

13. When I do marathon training again: Put in several 30 mile weeks and one 35 mile week for runs. 30 miles was my stretch that I accomplished only twice this year (including marathon week). I’d like to add some volume to the training.

14. Try Cross-Fit. I’ve heard good things about it, from making you stronger to also making you a faster runner.

15. Replace the words “stressed” and “overwhelmed” with “excitingly busy” – And mean it! Note: this was a copy from a blogger I follow named Ali. Thanks Ali for the resolution copy!

16. Try out and understand heart rate zone training.  I hear it’s good for triathlon training. And I assume I should probably wear the HRM more than twice.

17. Be as good of a fiancee’ and wife that I can be. OK – not quite a measurable goal, but a behavior intention.

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