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Let the Crazy Out!

Oh my goodness, sometimes blogging is so hard!  Clearly I don’t have a regular routine going, but then today I realized that I’ve been posting all of my weekly workout round-ups in the same post and overwriting it each week!  It took me a little while to find the versions and get them all posted separately.  My apologies if I’ve been clogging up your emails or blog readers. 

Today I took the day off to catch up mentally from a busy weekend!  I was in Washington DC for some pre-wedding festivities, namely my bachelorette party & bridal shower!  I just couldn’t quite handle getting up in a timely fashion and was also fighting a bit of a cold that I thought another 4 hours of sleep would help with (and did!). 

I did get up in time to do some relaxing, reading, boob tube, unpacking from the weekend, and also an arms workout before heading out for a run with Fleet Feet in training for the Shamrock Shuffle in March! 

I dallied on getting ready, but left the house with just enough time to run to the store, and register with the Nike Run Loud program.  You get a bracelet that is synced to your facebook account, and then they will post updates and pictures from the runs.  Here are tonight’s glamor shots! 

Joanna and I – she paced the group I ran with: 

Lilian and I – she got that awesome polka dot jacket for pacing one of the Nike groups:

The run was broken into pace groups.  I typically have run with 10:30 pace groups, but for half marathon training long runs.  Since my goal was to do 5 miles with the group, I pushed up to 10 minute per mile pace. Once we started and got going, I actually sped up without really realizing it and found the 9:30 mpm pace group!  This was exciting! I ran with them, although the last mile or so was really pushing hard (that was mile 7 for me, since I ran to the store).  But we finished strong, and I had an average moving pace of 9:38 (stoplights excluded) for the 6.95 miles. 

We then refueled with some pizzas afterward.  A great start to the week! May everyone’s Monday be quite as active!