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Weekly Workout Round Up–Week 14 & Bastille Day 8K Report

My goals for this past week (July 9-15) were: 

  • Monday:  5 miles Easy (AM) + Strength (30 Min – PM)
  • Tuesday:  Stroke’n’Stride Open Water Swim
  • Wednesday: 50 min Spin Class + 1 mi brick
  • Thurs:  5 miles – Bastille Day 8K
  • Friday: 2 miles + Easy Bike Ride (without socks. Practice U-Turns, taking hydration on the run. Practice opening & taking from bento box as needed, or gu’s taped to the handlebars).
  • Saturday: 11 miles – hopefully at least 6 with CES. 
  • Sunday: Open Water Swim Clinic + Bike Ride to 63rd Street Beach

What actually happened:

  • Monday: 30 min Strength + 5.5 miles Easy (PM)
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 30 min Strength
  • Thurs: 5 miles – Bastille Day 8K  46:53
  • Friday: Easy Bike Ride (without socks. Practice U-Turns, taking hydration on the run. Practice opening & taking from bento box as needed, or gu’s taped to the handlebars).
  • Saturday: 13 miles pacing for CES at an overall 10:40 pace.
  • Sunday: Open Water Swim Clinic

Overall I’m pretty happy with my week. I didn’t get in everything I was hoping for, but I also took the rest when I needed it. I could work better at getting enough sleep during the week, but I’ve been enjoying watching the Tour de France! 

Bastille  Day 8K Race Report:

  • This is a Chicago evening race that I’ve wanted to do for several years now. I’m happy I did it, and ran it with Anna, a  friend from CES! 
  • It is a crowded Lincoln Park race, so it’s challenging to do well.  It was very dusty – I felt a film of dust covering my throat. 
  • I forgot my Garmin for this race, so I ran “naked,” and tried to figure out my splits from the timing clocks. I estimated several 9:30 miles, which is about right for a 9:25 overall pace on the 8K.
  • I got a cramp at the same spot near the finish as at the Turkey Trot. Is it all in my head? I think I did a better job pushing through this year.
  • The Post Race party took place at the Nature Museum. We tried to go in, but there was a ridiculous line just to get upstairs where the party was.  I didn’t know we were missing Britt’s win!  Mike, Anna & I chilled outside for a while, and then Mike & I went out for some delicious vegan food at Native Foods Café


Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 13

OK, so it’s been a while since I was tracking my weekly workouts on the blog.  But I think this is a helpful way for me to stay accountable, so here goes!  This week started out well, although I did have a little recurrence of the cold I suffered from last week, which took some energy out of me mid-week.

Week of June 25-July 1:


Monday: PM Swim. I did 1400 yards at Holstein Park Pool, which is a long course (50 yard) pool.  The after-work crowd can be a bit intense, but I enjoyed getting the distance in!

Tuesday: AM – Run. I did a few short loops within Wicker Park to complete 3.2 miles.

PM – Strength Training. I got back to visiting my personal trainers at Hard Pressed in June, and am finally feeling like I can do upper body workouts without hurting my back/neck! (I had some shoulder strain leading to neck issues last fall that I’ve been working to strengthen and not aggravate. I think we’re finally there!) I had planned to do an Open Water Swim after this, but my cold came back on Tuesday at work, so I cut that part short for some additional rest. 

Wednesday: Rest. I still felt a bit under the weather, so all I did was bike to work and home. 

Thursday: PM1– Strength Training.  More strength training love. I enjoy having my muscles feel this sore!    

PM2– Bike Trainer. After doing some errands and coming home, I tried doing a bike trainer workout but couldn’t really get into it.  It was 100+ degrees outside, and I think I was still feeling it even though I was indoors. I spun for about 20 minutes but couldn’t get into any intervals or hard work.   

Friday: PM Pool Swim.  Another pool workout! I ordered a pull buoy online and it arrived today, so I got to play around with my new toy. I think swimming has helped strengthen my shoulders without aggravating my “special” spot on the shoulder blade that shoots pain into my neck. 

Saturday: AM – 6 mile CES Run. I returned to pacing for CES, although this week was a cutback week. It was humid out, so I was glad we finished up early. We did 3 miles at 10:30 pace, and then 3 miles back at ‘race pace.’ I ran my race pace miles between 10 & 10:20.

Sunday: First brick workout of the year:  50 minute spin class, then a 15 minute run outside.  Mike’s bike is in the shop, so he convinced me to join him on a spin class taught by a cycling/triathlon coach. It was a sweaty, intense class which we followed with a run to practice what the transition from cycling to running will feel like. 


Mileage Total:  10.5 miles

Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 12

Well, even though I had a “barely surviving” for my weekdays, it was a pretty good & busy weekend!  I struggled with some neck & back pain throughout this week, enough to see a chiropractor twice this week.  I am glad that despite these issues, I was still able to meet my running goal for the week (15 miles). 

Week of March 19-25:


Monday: Rest. My neck and back were super tight and sore, although I’m not sure from what. When it hurts to smile (Sad smile), it’s hard to want to do anything else. 

Tuesday: AM – Chiropractor appointment. I’d never been to see one before, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I walked out with my neck & back feeling soo much better! 

PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. We did a workout with 3×15 minutes at threshold (90% max) pace.  This was incredibly hard for me to do, although not because of my legs. I was getting stomach cramps, perhaps from the wedding catering tasting earlier in the afternoon? The food and wine were delicious, but maybe not the best before an intense (coached) workout. 

Wednesday: Rest. I just felt off all day.  I did go into Get a Grip for a check-in on my bike fit from last month.  No major changes, just a quick adjustment on my handlebar angle. 

Thursday: AM – Strength Training.  I did a lower-body-only workout, as prescribed by my doctor.  It was intense, and I was sore through to Saturday morning.   

Friday: Rest.  It was enough just to walk around post-Thursday-Strength.

Saturday: AM – 5 mile shake-out run. I decided I should try to see how running felt, although I was tight in my legs still.  This run helped to loosen them up. It was mostly easy, although I did throw in some strides to practice speed.

Sunday: Epic Run Day:  1.6 mile warmup, Shamrock Shuffle 8K (5 miles), then Hash Run (2 miles) and run home (1.5 miles).  I am determined not to loose out on my March Running goal, and wanted to redeem myself in mileage for this week.  So it was a 10 mile day!  My runs post-race didn’t feel so great, but I think that may have been due to the beer drinking that began post-race and continued throughout the day.  Oops Smile 

Mileage Total:  15 miles

My goal for this week:  run 20 miles to finish out my month of March, get through a decent work-week, continue to reduce/prevent neck pain, and run strong in the Chi-Town 10K on Sunday.  10K Race Goal:  57:00.  I think this will be challenging, but I’m looking forward to pushing as hard as I can! 

Week 10 & 11 Weekly Workout Round Up

Busy few weeks!  I’m noticing more and more I have a “week on, week off” type of schedules for my workouts.  Maybe I should just plan for this?  It’s Monday, and I’m definitely feeling it’s my “off” week.  Here’s to a good week for everyone! 

Week of March 5-11:

  • Monday: Rest. 
  • Tuesday: Travel. Rest. Pull running shoes out of suitcase.
  • Wednesday: Out of town. Think about running shoes while in hotel hot tub.
  • Thursday:  Back in Chicago. Mid-day 3.25 mile run.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Oak Forest Fleadh 5K and a .94 mile warmup.
  • Weekly Total: 7.3 miles

Week of March 12-18:


Monday: PM – 5 miles with Nike Run Loud. This was hard!  Not sure why it felt so hard.  It could have been the warmth, working on a Monday (last Monday run I’d taken a sick day), or snacks not sitting well in my stomach. 

Tuesday: PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. We did xyz.

Wednesday: PM – 4 miles. This was a hot run, and I didn’t love it. My stomach was acting up, and I had the mantra “turn left” when my stomach knot got a bit tighter.  I made my mileage goal & back home without any unfortunate incidents! 

Thursday: AM – Strength Training.  I worked out with a different trainer than before, and there were some new machines.  Updated workout kicked my butt! 

PM – 3.75 mile run with RAM Ladies Night. Another not-so-stellar afternoon run. Am making plans for how to work toward improving these. 

Friday: Rest. I scheduled a massage for Friday afternoon.  between some of these workouts and an increase in biking to work, my back and legs have been much more sore than normal.  It felt good to have this tension be pounded out of me as much as possible!   

Saturday: AM – 8 mile long run. I was sad to have missed/skipped running with my friend Lilian, but made up for it by running a hot 8 miles later. I’ll post photos later this week.

Sunday: rest & work. I was feeling pretty sore from the run and my back was starting to act up again. 

Mileage Total:  21 miles

My goal for this week is to have a ‘lighter’ week but still more than my previous light weeks.  Weekly Mileage Goal:  15 miles, including Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle!

Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 9

This week was another good week. I’m not sure if I should plan on this, but especially in non-heavy-duty-training periods, I feel like I often follow a “one week on, one week off” type of a schedule.  This was definitely an “ON” week!



Monday: PM – 7 miles with Nike Run Loud. This was my first run in over a week, and I kind of rocked it!  9:38 avg pace.  

Tuesday: PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. I was tired from the long run the day before, but pedaled my heart out following a hills course out in Cali.  90 minutes.  

Wednesday:  Rest. I intended something, then decided to chill and rest.  I was pooped!  

Thursday:  AM – 4 mile tempo run. I hit my tempo run goal of completing the middle two miles at sub-9:30. It was a nice morning!

Friday: AM – Strength Training. I had forgotten to schedule my PT workouts for this week, and was only able to squeeze in on Friday morning.  A hard workout that kept me sore for a full 24 hours! 

Saturday:  AM – 8 mile long run. I met up with Lilian & Staci after their CES runs to help them finish out their long runs for marathon training.  We completed 8 miles together, and I had a great time catching up with them and running along the lakefront! 

Sunday: AM – 5 miles easy.  I got up early to complete my run, and decided to find my new route for tempo runs (to challenge myself now that the 4 miles is easy-peasy!). I enjoyed expanding my morning route out by a bit and exploring more of the Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago.  It was a gorgeous morning to be out and shake my legs out! 

We’ll see how I keep things up… especially as this week contains some travel!

Plans for this week:

  • Monday:  Run or Bike in PM. 
  • Tuesday: AM travel, PM run (hotel or outside?)
  • Wednesday:  AM run if possible!  some strength work? 
  • Thursday: AM travel, PM ladies’ night run.
  • Friday:  AM workout (bike or strength)
  • Saturday:  5K race? figuring that out with Mike
  • Sunday:  longish run if needed to get to 20 miles.