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Busy, Busy

I feel like the theme recently has been ‘running’ – not necessarily the sport itself, but running from one thing to another!  I finished up my Venus de Miles metric century ride last Sunday afternoon, and as soon as I got home, was off to sign up for my next race. I actually went with Mike on our bikes to Running Away before I’d actually decided if I’d run the Terrapin 5K or not! 

The same type of hurriedness has been going on with work as well.  I’m glad I’m getting home and able to chill, or go to a Chicago Tri Club meeting, or have a beer – at the end of each day!  This month’s CTC meeting was at Vision Quest, where I took my cycling classes over the winter, and we heard Robbie Ventura, former pro cyclist and now coach, talk about how to get faster with the speed you’ve got.  A good post for this time of year – end of summer, early fall. I was glad I went and got to catch up with some friends & munch on delicious Piece Pizza & 312 beer. 

I actually was looking forward to my long run this week as a time to just chill out!  I met up with the CES team on Saturday morning (as always) and I helped to head up the 10:30 pace group for our long run that morning!  We knew it was going to be hot, and worked to maximize the aid stations along the lakefront path.  We had 15 miles on the docket for Saturday, and were running north first to be able to maximize time running with any half marathon participants.  After our north bound loop, which was nice & pretty shady, we then headed south.  At the aid station at Castaways, we cooled off for a moment in the misting station that was there (thanks!)  and continued southbound in our soggy state now.  I hadn’t thought about it, but the misting may not have been the best for preventing chafing…

Anyway we continue southbound in all of the sunny glory toward Navy Pier. We’d run 10 miles at this point, and were definitely feeling the heat and humidity at this point. We switch from a 10:30 pace toward 11 pace, and after passing Navy Pier, switch toward a run-walk strategy.  We got to our south turnaround, and headed back north again, our group getting smaller and smaller as people wanted to walk more (or run more) than us pace leaders were doing.

Just past Oak Street beach we officially broke up the pace group as everyone was now familiar with the route, and my pace partner & I were on different schedules – I’d prefer to run slowly more rather than walk & run.  We all made it back successfully to the end of the run, though, and that’s what’s most important!  Oddly, we were not all that far behind each other. I’d say we all finished within 5 minutes of everyone else. 

Post run the best things ever were to eat pretzels, an Icee pop, and drink some coconut water.  I made sure to foam roll my legs, – and my back, as my back has been getting sore from the long runs too!  As my shorts dried out, I realized that there was some lovely friction that had been going on, so it’ll be time to switch to my 2-in-1 shorts for my long run next week. 

Rest of Saturday was spent getting groceries, napping, watching the major storm, and seeing Batman!  I’m working on not being a complete slug the rest of the day after my long runs, and I think that yesterday was a good compromise. 

12 “Fast” miles in San Francisco by laurenruns at Garmin Connect – Splits

12 “Fast” miles in San Francisco by laurenruns at Garmin Connect – Splits.

This was my long run on Sunday and I love running in San Francisco.  I was surprised at how fast I was on this course. I did know where I was going, especially in comparison to last year’s debacle, however this was much faster and easier than I’d expected. If I’d done another 1.1 mile, I would have had a half marathon PR.

*I was stopping my watch for scenic breaks & a bathroom stop.*