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Short Run

Tonight I did a short run. Short runs are great because:

  • They take less time
  • Shorter people do them better Smile
  • You can get errands in
  • You’ll get the cardio burst as well as shaking out your legs
  • You don’t have to worry about ‘when’ – you just go!

I think I often make a big deal about when I’m going to run – even though my average run length is 4 miles. I get it done in 45 minutes, however I fret about ‘when.’ “I have to have enough energy.” “I’ll have to shower afterward.” “I have somewhere to be.” I have a lot of excuses!

Hopefully the short run – mine was 1.68 miles and included a stop at CVS for some toothpaste – will become a little more frequent, or at least the option when I otherwise want to skip a run.

Today was my last day at work for a few weeks – it’s wedding time!  I’ve got some wedding prep days, and then the big day is Saturday! Some key memories from this weekend and week:

  • Going out to a wine bar for one of the last nights as a single lady
  • Prepping welcome bags with my future mother-in-law
  • Bridal shower at work today (I wore my boss’ veil from her wedding 10 years ago! Tossed a bouquet!)
  • Picking out plants at the garden store (odd & not completely wedding-related, but something I really enjoy)
  • Well wishes from so many people!

And a fun photo that’s wedding-related – can you guess what it is and where it’ll show up at the wedding? 

bike photo