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Marathon Signs

Funny signs I remember from the Chicago Marathon:

  • May you chafe minimally – yea, Tim, Joanne & Amy!
  • I don’t do marathons, but I do marathoners
  • Hurry up, the Bears play at 3 PM – I thought this was funny, but I might not have if I was a slower runner.
  • the spray painted happy faces on the drainage grates in Boystown

And in San Francisco:

  • Hey girl, that fuel belt makes your ass look fantastic

Pre-Race Preparations–Chicago Marathon

So clearly my blogger status could be called into question when I post barely once a week in comparison to spectators who blogged daily going up to the Chicago Marathon!  Whatev’s.

Friday – The Expo:

I didn’t actually plan out my pre-race activities the way I’ve done in the past for marathons.  I did get a good amount of sleep, rested my legs (only ran on Thursday & Friday), and tried to remember to drink lots of water.  I took Friday off from work, and went to the Expo. I met my friend Anna there and we had some fun:

2012-10-05 11.21.36

Well, I thought I had some ‘friend photos’ from the expo, but seems like it was just photos of me! 

Saturday Lunch:

One thing to redeem blogger status – I attended a blogger lunch meetup!  We had a fun lunch at Flattop Grill. It was a lot of fun to meet some new faces – but mostly hanging out with people I’m reading about and talking to online!


Emily, Me, Maggie, Kayla, Luis, Charlyn, Erin, Amanda

Saturday Evening:

My friend Dave stayed over at our place on Saturday night to save a drive in from the ‘burbs.  It was good to catch up with him on Saturday evening, feast on pasta, and then head to bed somewhat early. 

Stay tuned for race day!