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On Banana Bread

My goals for this weekend are overall to de-stress and go into the next few weeks (and the Fox Valley Marathon!) with calm and good sleep habits.  Clearly that hasn’t been happening for the past few weeks. I’ve been stressed, and this week hit a high with workplace stress, lots of wedding decisions, and lack of sleep.

So this weekend’s plan is to sleep, relax, get some running, yoga and a bike ride in, sleep, eat, catch up on some chores that I’ve been letting slide.

Saturday so far has been pretty relaxing. I woke up and decided to defer my run to a cooler Monday holiday – and later found out a friend will run with me on Monday! Score!  Catching up on things, being somewhat lazy in the thunderstorm, and making banana bread.

I actually decided on banana bread after deciding that I wanted to use some peanut flour I’d bought at Trader Joe’s earlier this year.  I did a recipe search on Daily Garnish’s blog site for recipes using Peanut Flour, and decided to also use up some bananas we’d frozen a while back. Currently this recipe is in the oven baking, and I hope it turns out well! 

Once the banana bread is out of the oven and cooling, I’m off to yoga class!