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How to Take Advantage of Your Garmin – Part 2

I’ve been using my Garmin 305 for a few months now and thought I’d share some details on things I’ve found helpful in using it.

Check out my previous post on how to take advantage of your Garmin.

Speedwork & My Garmin

So I know that there are more detailed features on how to utilize your Garmin for speedwork & intervals, but I’m still pretty early on in planning out interval workouts. Mostly, I either attend a group training session where interval work is done, or I go out for a run and plan the intervals as I go. 

Last week, I went out on an unmotivated run and decided to try and spice it up with some speedwork. It worked – my mood improved & got in some miles…  How did my Garmin help?

So normally I have my Garmin set to auto-lap after each mile, but I manually set splits after my warm up. I had the idea to do some Yasso 800’s.   After a warm up, you run 800 meters (1/2 mile) in your goal marathon time. I was trying to run mine around 4:40. You recover for that same amount of time, and then repeat.  Since it was my first week, I did 3 repeats. Next time, I’ll do 4. 

After each 800, I pushed the “lap” button to save the speed & time for that particular distance, so that it’s easier to track later.  That’s how you can see that in my splits, most are not the same as my normal 1.00 mile splits. 

imageYou can see by the red circles what my times were for each of the three “800’s” that I did.  The first is longer because I did a full lap of my park rather than measure for 1/2 mile exactly.  

We’ll see how this works for today – if I go out to do another set of 800’s!

How to Take Advantage of Your Garmin – Part 1

I’ve really been enjoying using my Garmin GPS device to track and aid in my running & training. Not only does it provide you real-time feedback on your distance, pace, and time running, but there are also some cool tools that you can use to help track your progress & speedwork.

I use a Garmin 305 & primarily use Garmin Connect for my post-run review & tracking.  After you upload a run onto the site, you can review it like this:

imageHere, you can see the general details from the run (fun note: I accidentally restarted the run a day later, which is why elapsed time is 23 hours!) and a map of your run.  But you can also switch from Summary to a “Splits” view that looks like this: 

image On this view, I can see detail about my splits.  Each split, or lap, is 1 mile since I have set up my Garmin to auto-lap at 1 mile.  each time I hit a mile mark, it will automatically mark a new split so that I can track and see how my pace changes over the course of a run. I started my first mile out at 10:22 and then sped up to 9:56 & 9:55 for the next two miles.

Here’s how I set up my auto-lap on the Garmin device when it’s on (set it once & forget it): Mode button > Training > Training Options> Auto Lap > set Auto Lap by distance at 1 mile.  You can adjust to auto-lap based on time as well.

Overall, it’s been a fun few months tracking on my Garmin. I do still keep a simpler spreadsheet of my mileage & training log

What are your Garmin usage tips? Please post in the Comments!