Biking to Work

Just a quick update on things related to biking. Once I did my first tri (South Shore Tri) at the end of July, I kind of backed off on the cycling to work for a little while.  There were a few reasons:

  • It was hot, and I get sweaty easily
  • Work has been crazy
  • I’m moving into marathon training mode

I would bike maybe a day or two, but life in general was busy and I always had something else going on after work that I needed to be presentable for.  I did bike to work once the week before my marathon, but that was an “emergency” (stupid valet at work closed before I got my keys, and I had to cab it home that night.  Biked to work next day, then drove car home. Haven’t parked my car w/ that lot since then). 

Following the Fox Valley Marathon, I actually switched out my bikes. I’d been riding my trusty mountain bike all summer for my duathlon & triathlon training, and whenever I wanted to bike to work.  But in early August I had actually made an “impulse” purchase of a “hipster roadbike” – a blue 80’s roadbike.  A trip out to Mount Prospect one night, and $140 less, and I have a road bike!  It’s single speed, which is cool for my neighborhood, although I probably won’t be doing any triathlons or races on it. 

But it’s excellent for commuting.  I had taken it out on weekends in August to go to street festivals, and I began using it the week after the marathon to bike to work.  I had to get used to the drop handles, but after that it’s pretty comfy and I feel a bit more hip while commuting to work.

I rode into work today, after 4 days last week I couldn’t ride because I had to go all over the city for work.  I remembered today why I enjoy biking to work:

  • Avoid the traffic.  Or more accurately, glide through it while cars are waiting.
  • Spend some time outside.  15 minute ride each way (same amount of time I’d be in the car)
  • Get a little exercise.  Nothing earth shattering, but it’s good for the body.
  • Feel like I’m doing good for the earth.
  • Force myself to leave work at a decent hour in order to avoid biking in the dark.
  • Feel like a hipster!

4 thoughts on “Biking to Work

  1. Erin

    I’m still jealous you can bike to work regularly! The few times I managed it this summer were awesome and I wish I could do it more often. Damn logistics!


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