New Year’s Day 5K

Well, the first race of 2013 is done and done!  Mike & I ran the New Year’s Day 5K in Lincoln Park this morning after a relatively relaxing evening at a friend’s house.  We woke up today to twenty degree temperatures, w/ a wind chill of closer to 11 degrees as you get closer to the lake.

This is the temperature now -- 2 and a half hours later!

This is the temperature now — 2 and a half hours later!

We bundled up, and I wore the following:

  • pink long sleeve top w/ thumbholes
  • Blue jacket w/ thumbholes
  • Grey tights
  • Smartwool socks & Pink Pure Cadence
  • Gloves & earwarmers

We stayed in the car as long as we could…

IMG_1048 But eventually we had to get out of the car and head over to the race.  Since we’d picked up our packets the day before, there wasn’t too much to do before gear check.  We wandered around and I ran into Lauren from Forward is a Pace leading the Team Challenge table.  Nice meeting you Lauren!

I look like a hot mess but I'm so cold!

I look like a hot mess but I’m so cold! I hadn’t even taken my “real” jacket off yet

Today was definitely a day for a warm-up, and I’m glad I did.  My warmup pace let me start out the race at a pretty decent pace, after my favorite pre-race routine of being in the port-a-potty line when the race gun goes off (please note sarcasm).

After business was done, I got my heiny over to the race start & got going! I felt good and was passing quite a few people.  It was so cold, and just icy enough out, that I needed to focus on my footing & to keep moving.  I actually didn’t even look at my Garmin until the first mile marker, and then again at the 2nd mile marker.

Going into the third mile I was still feeling good and kept going as fast as I could!  Although I’d gotten a bit slower of a start than I would have liked (had to tie my shoe at half a mile), I was wondering if I could get close to my 5K PR.

I ended up negative splitting this race with splits of 9:28, 9:02, 8:46 & 7:44 for the last .1 mile.  My total time was about 50 seconds off of my PR, but I lay it all out there today.  When I finished, I couldn’t walk a bit more (not my legs, but my lungs were done) and took a moment to just chill on the side of the finish line.  Then it was grab my banana, some coconut water, and high tail it out of there in order to get warm!  Homeward Bound!

This race was $25 and we got a long sleeve cotton tee & also gloves for being in the first 800 participants.  I like the shirt style, but Mike thinks it’s girly (!), and the gloves look like some good potential throwaway gloves at the next cold half marathon or marathon.  There was also a free beer (and snacks) included at a nearby bar, but we decided to head home to warm up, shower & watch bowl games today.

IMG_1056 IMG_1053

Overall I’m glad we got out there on the coldest day in the past 311 days, and am starting the year off on the right foot for fitness & health!  Now I only have to do my planks to work on my core!


What I Hope to Accomplish in 2013

I’m either out running a New Year’s 5K right now, or otherwise recovering from NYE! I want to get my plans for 2013 out there as I’m excited to start this new year! 

Mmmm… time for some 2013 goals!  I’m trying to be thoughtful & reasonable.  I don’t want to put down goals that I’m really not too passionate about, nor do I want to overload myself.  I’ve got a few bucket lists (#1), some fitness & process goals, and also some lifestyle goals in there for fun!

1. Complete a half ironman triathlon.

Registered! …to be continued…

2. Stick to a smart training plan guided by a coach & train with other people!  Some of my challenges in my previous triathlons & marathons is that I’m not going about training properly. I’d really like to give my all to my training for this year. 

3. Do 20 one-minute planks each month.  Go more than a minute sometimes. #plankaday

4. Learn some new blog skills.  There have been a few #blogfails that have happened recently, so I want to blog more consistently, more excitedly, and work on improving my blog & technical skills! 

5. Spoil Emma rotten.

Emma & Mike

6. Manage a satisfactory work-training-life balance.

7. Go to yoga at least once a month.  Goal for the year is 12 times!

8. Cook something new at least once a month.

Mmm - good soup!

Would like to put those wedding presents to better use!

9. Call your mom. Or a friend! The point here is to stay connected with friends & family, and not wallow in my feelings, something that I am prone to.  

10. Run a 2:00:xx half marathon.  I’m at 2:12 now, so it’s about a minute faster pace-wise.  But not too much faster than my Fort2Base pace.  I think it’s do-able with some hard work! 

What are your 2013 goals?  Anyone looking to join me in accountability on some of these?

Infogram Time!! 2012 Year in Numbers!

I’m getting on the Infogram bandwagon by doing a simple little infogram of my 2012 training in numbers. Definitely not as cool as either of these girls’, but it’s a start!  Enjoy!!

— Unfortunately, I’m a bit slow on the actual blogging part of this… I cannot figure out how to embed the infogram into my blog post! (or to take an image of the infographic).  I think I’ll make improving my blog skills a goal for 2013.

So please check out the link to my infogram here:


Instagram Holidays

I’m surfacing back up from a low key holiday, and wanted to share some photos from the holiday!  Instagram it was for this holiday season, and I enjoyed playing around with the different effects you can put on the photos!

Emma celebrates her first Christmas!

Emma celebrates her first Christmas!

Merry Mike & Lauren

Merry Mike & Lauren

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

A for effort on the little snowman!

A for effort on the little snowman!

Outside xmas decorations

Outside xmas decorations

Who knew there was garage xmas decorations?

Who knew there was garage xmas decorations?

Lovely lights out in the suburbs

Lovely lights out in the suburbs

Christmas dessert spread

Christmas dessert spread

Love the gingerbread cookie shaped to hang over the coffee mug

Love the gingerbread cookie shaped to hang over the coffee mug


So Merry Christmas from our family to yours, and happy wishes for 2013!

Review of 2012 Goals

As we move into 2013, I want to review my goals for 2012 and see where I met my mark, and where I missed the boat.  It was a great year, although I think that some of my takeaways from this are that I am good at improving on my strengths, and not as great at trying to work on my weaknesses.  So I’m going to refocus on that and also cut myself some slack!

Here were my goals for 2012:

1. Get my Om on. Fail.  I went to yoga maybe 6 times this year.  So I’m averaging 1 every two months.  Time to adjust the goal.  (Hilarious thing is that when I think about my long term dreams, I’d love to become a yoga instructor! Apparently one who doesn’t like doing yoga! Maybe I’ll get more into it if I can’t do triathlon or running as much) 

2. Tri More. Complete 4 triathlons this year – 2 sprint, 2 olympic distance. I did three triathlons. Two sprint & 1 Olympic Distance.  Mostly check.

3. Join a club.  Check.  This was a great decision. I’ve met a lot of cool people through having joined the Chicago Tri Club!  More about my most recent training activities with them soon!

4. Get faster. Check.  I PR’ed at every distance I ran this year.  Not a bad deal.

5. Resist the marathon until late 2012 or 2013. I ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2012.  Sub 5:00, but not in my sub 4:45. Check.

6. Be an awesome relay team member.  Check.  I had a blast at Ragnar this year and am looking forward to being a Ragnar Ambassador for Madison-to-Chicago 2013!

7. Learn how to change a flat tire. Check.  I attended a clinic, and changed Mike’s tire (not a flat)  but more practice is needed.

8. Work on getting Michelle Obama’s arms. I’d really love to have some definition to my arms, particularly as I walk down the aisle at the end of April. Other strength sub-goals:  accomplish a four minute plank and complete 20 real push-ups in a row.  Not quite check. I wasn’t thrilled with my arm definition (or lack thereof) at my wedding.  And as I moved into triathlon season, focused strength training kind of fell by the wayside.  

9. Complete a “Post Card Challenge.”  Fail.  

10. Participate in a bike-specific event. Check!  Venus de Miles was a great, women-focused ride! And I met a few new bloggers!

11. Get more in touch with my creative side. Does Pinterest count?  Otherwise I did some crafting for the wedding, and some baking recently.

12. Cook some new dishes.  Not as many as I would have liked. But soup was pretty good!

13. When I do marathon training again: Put in several 30 mile weeks and one 35 mile week for runs. I ran 4 30 mile weeks as part of the Chicago Marathon training, but the highest week was just 35 miles.  Mostly check.

14. Try Cross-Fit. No check yet on this.

15. Replace the words “stressed” and “overwhelmed” with “excitingly busy” – And mean it! Check!!!!

16. Try out and understand heart rate zone training.  I’ve worn my heart rate monitor, but haven’t really figured out how to use it to guide training… half-check.

17. Be as good of a fiancee’ and wife that I can be. I’ve been working at it!  I generally do pretty well, and I’m lucky to have as great a husband as I do!