New Year’s Day 5K

Well, the first race of 2013 is done and done!  Mike & I ran the New Year’s Day 5K in Lincoln Park this morning after a relatively relaxing evening at a friend’s house.  We woke up today to twenty degree temperatures, w/ a wind chill of closer to 11 degrees as you get closer to the lake.

This is the temperature now -- 2 and a half hours later!

This is the temperature now — 2 and a half hours later!

We bundled up, and I wore the following:

  • pink long sleeve top w/ thumbholes
  • Blue jacket w/ thumbholes
  • Grey tights
  • Smartwool socks & Pink Pure Cadence
  • Gloves & earwarmers

We stayed in the car as long as we could…

IMG_1048 But eventually we had to get out of the car and head over to the race.  Since we’d picked up our packets the day before, there wasn’t too much to do before gear check.  We wandered around and I ran into Lauren from Forward is a Pace leading the Team Challenge table.  Nice meeting you Lauren!

I look like a hot mess but I'm so cold!

I look like a hot mess but I’m so cold! I hadn’t even taken my “real” jacket off yet

Today was definitely a day for a warm-up, and I’m glad I did.  My warmup pace let me start out the race at a pretty decent pace, after my favorite pre-race routine of being in the port-a-potty line when the race gun goes off (please note sarcasm).

After business was done, I got my heiny over to the race start & got going! I felt good and was passing quite a few people.  It was so cold, and just icy enough out, that I needed to focus on my footing & to keep moving.  I actually didn’t even look at my Garmin until the first mile marker, and then again at the 2nd mile marker.

Going into the third mile I was still feeling good and kept going as fast as I could!  Although I’d gotten a bit slower of a start than I would have liked (had to tie my shoe at half a mile), I was wondering if I could get close to my 5K PR.

I ended up negative splitting this race with splits of 9:28, 9:02, 8:46 & 7:44 for the last .1 mile.  My total time was about 50 seconds off of my PR, but I lay it all out there today.  When I finished, I couldn’t walk a bit more (not my legs, but my lungs were done) and took a moment to just chill on the side of the finish line.  Then it was grab my banana, some coconut water, and high tail it out of there in order to get warm!  Homeward Bound!

This race was $25 and we got a long sleeve cotton tee & also gloves for being in the first 800 participants.  I like the shirt style, but Mike thinks it’s girly (!), and the gloves look like some good potential throwaway gloves at the next cold half marathon or marathon.  There was also a free beer (and snacks) included at a nearby bar, but we decided to head home to warm up, shower & watch bowl games today.

IMG_1056 IMG_1053

Overall I’m glad we got out there on the coldest day in the past 311 days, and am starting the year off on the right foot for fitness & health!  Now I only have to do my planks to work on my core!


7 thoughts on “New Year’s Day 5K

  1. Maggie

    I’m always amazed/impressed by people who do New Years Day runs! Although having a race (or maybe just a group run) planned for the following day would force me not to make certain bad decisions on NYE, haha. Oh well. Maybe I’ll make that a 2013 goal!

  2. Emily

    Congratulations on a great race and a fantastic kick-off to 2013!!! It was COLD out there today!!! (And I totally relate to the favorite pre-race routine of being in the portapotty line when the starting gun goes off, that has happened to me many times. Sigh.)

  3. Anne

    I didn’t know there was a 5k yesterday (though I should have guessed – seems like there’s a run for everything now!), but I can’t say I would’ve gone if I signed up. The cold kept me inside, so way to get out there! Happy New Year!

    1. laurenruns Post author

      I’m not sure I would have run if I hadn’t already registered — when we were betting on the mid-December temperatures sticking! Happy New Year!


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