Infogram Time!! 2012 Year in Numbers!

I’m getting on the Infogram bandwagon by doing a simple little infogram of my 2012 training in numbers. Definitely not as cool as either of these girls’, but it’s a start!  Enjoy!!

— Unfortunately, I’m a bit slow on the actual blogging part of this… I cannot figure out how to embed the infogram into my blog post! (or to take an image of the infographic).  I think I’ll make improving my blog skills a goal for 2013.

So please check out the link to my infogram here:



5 thoughts on “Infogram Time!! 2012 Year in Numbers!

  1. kilax

    Thanks for the shout out! Love your chart! Especially that you included biking and swimming! I need to aim to be a more well rounded athlete, like you, in 2013! 🙂

    1. laurenruns Post author

      Thanks! My goals for 2013 will really be more about triathlon, so I’m having fun looking at how to improve overall! Thanks for starting the infogram trend – although I apparently need some basic blog training!

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