What I’ve been Up to…

I realized this week that I hadn’t blogged in a few weeks.  Like always, life has been ‘excitingly busy’ and I’m glad to share some of these things with you!

We got a kitten!   Welcome Emma “Cake Donettes” to the family!  She’s a cute kitten that we fostered in November, and we didn’t want to give her up!  She’s cuddly & likes to follow us around, and I have recently learned that she loves to fetch! We adopted her from PAWS, the largest no-kill shelter in Chicago.

Mike & Emma

Mike & Emma

I was also sick (not so fun as a new cat) for about two weeks as well.  Unfortunately it coincided with our two trips for November/December, so I was sniffling my way through San Francisco on Thanksgiving, and also Orlando for a wedding.  Running felt crappy for a few weeks while I worked all that junk & germs out of my system.

Mike & Lauren - Fisherman's Wharf

Mike & I on Thanksgiving – Fisherman’s Wharf

I’m also volunteering with the Chicago Triathlon Club this winter, helping out with a winter Swim-Run brick workout that is being held at a local gym.  I’ve done this two weeks now, and it’s been a lot of fun to get to know other triathlete club members, and I’m also working on my own swimming too!

Speaking of working on swimming, I got a new swimsuit — my first in 10 years! Well, my first athletic swimsuit (I’ve gotten a few bikini/tankini’s for vacations).  This summer when I was swimming at the pool, I was definitely wearing my old team suit from senior year of high school when I was on the local swim team, the Franklin Knolls Gators.  I was amazed it still fit, wasn’t see through, but I was worried that who knows when it might go to shreds.

My new swimsuit – what do you think?

Do you consider certain clothes to have an expiration date — you shouldn’t wear it after a certain life span?  I hear about that for sports bras, but rotate them through running, then cycling &  lower impact activity.  What about regular bras, or other workout clothes?



3 thoughts on “What I’ve been Up to…

  1. Emily

    It was good to see you at the blogger get-together this past Saturday! I am so, so glad that you got Cake Donettes from PAWS. I used to volunteer at the Anti-Cruelty Society and I also support PAWS – and there are so many pets out there in need of good homes!

    That swimsuit is adorable!!!

  2. kilax

    Aww, Emma is so cute! MORE EMMA PICS!

    I love the new suit! I have heard that about bras and stuff! I think I recently read if you wear a sports bra 3 times a week you should get rid of it after a year? Or something like that. I think I need to get rid of my stuff based on when it smells disgusting.


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