Training, October 29-November 4

I’m going to resume tracking my training via the blog as I move out of the marathon/triathlon training structure into the ‘go with the flow’ off-season.  I am trying to put together some purpose around my workouts, but this week has been just about keeping active & getting back into the swing of things.


As part of my wrap-up from a busy fall racing season, I wanted to make sure I had a full week of rest.  Monday was the last day!  I did get a little bit of workout with the high winds as I biked home from work… there was definitely a point where I was pedaling but not going anywhere!

AM: 4 mile run

With the high winds, I bundled up more than the temps called for, and was glad I did for my 6 am run. I also donned clear sunglasses, which helped to avoid the stinging eyes.  Winds were high, and I ended up with a progression run even though I was trying to run easy & steady.

I took off from work to go to my friend’s wedding gown fitting, and to tag along to a doctor’s appointment Mike had.  From a friend at that office, I learned about the Pumpkin Beer Run at Running Away Multisport that evening, and I was waffling on whether to go.  Ended up going and having a fun time running with some new Dare2Tri friends, and also drinking some excellent beer after the run!

AM: 4 miles/41:00/10:08 avg

PM: 3.53 miles/38:00/10:37 avg

3-4 mile run

I was feeling quite a bit more sore than expected from yesterday’s runs, so I took today off. I think I overestimated my comeback!



Rest. Stayed at work a bit too long.


I wanted to get in some miles on my day off, and before embarking on a great wedding weekend! I was happy to get in a couple miles before manis/pedis & a bridesmaids luncheon.

2.81 miles/28:00/9:50 avg


The big wedding day started with hair & makeup at 8 AM out in the suburbs, so no specific workout.  There was a lot of dancing later on!


90 minute Vision Quest threshold workout. 

A bit rough since it was the day after my friends’ wedding. Mike & I are taking this class together. We did a warm-up, then 2 x 20 minutes as hard as you can. The goal is to get your power threshold that you’ll use in the future training sessions. My #s: 154, 144. It’s expected you’ll be lower the 2nd time, and I’m proud it’s within 90% of the first number!

Totals for this Week
Running Mileage:  10 miles
Cycling:  90 minutes

Not a bad start back to working out.  I hope to do a bit better next week as my life is finally calming down!


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