Austin Trip & Running Tour

Mike & I took a weekend trip to Austin recently and it was great to get away!  Between the Chicago Marathon, NWM Half, and now this, I feel like I haven’t really been wokring in October.  Doesn’t feel too bad…

Anyway, here are some highlights from our trip:

  • Good margaritas!  At pretty much every place we went
  • Caught a movie at the Austin Film Festival
  • Good tex mex food, and Texas BBQ
  • Tour de Fat in Austin
  • adventures cycling around on crapalicious bikes we rented
  • road trip to San Antonio! Visiting the Alamo


We signed up for a running tour because, why not? We signed up for a tour with City Running Tours which had multiple run options in Austin, and also does tours out of other cities, including Chicago.

We picked the 5K Beer Run, I think primarily because of the time of day, and also that we enjoy beer (& running).  We jogged the 1.3 miles from our hotel to the meet-up location at the Texas Running Company, a local running store. 

We headed out for the run, lead by our guide Rusty.  We started by heading down to the Lady Bird Lake, where there is lakefront running in Austin!  Rusty did a good job of keeping us on track while also telling us about Austin and the local sites we were seeing.

The lakefront trail was pretty (and a gravel-packed trail, as opposed to our asphalt-paved LFT), and there were a lot of people out.  One nice thing that we saw is that there is a running club that puts out several water coolers at a few points on the trail so that runners & walkers can stay hydrated along the way. 

We headed into the Austin city center, where Rusty pointed out key historical buildings and gave us an idea of what Austin was like during its early city formation.  We stopped at a bar that is owned by the same group that makes the Shiner’s beer, and stopped in to sample a few!  We also took a photo at one of the many statues paying homage to Austin’s musical history, including Willie Nelson.


All of the other runners that participated were also visiting from out of town, although many from either suburbs or other parts of Texas.  We continued onward toward the state capitol, and actually went inside!  The state capitol is pink due to the pink marble that they used in the construction of the building. 


And a photo at the Statue of Liberty in the Capitol’s garden:


We then finished up the run going past the Governor’s mansion and then onto a Pacman arcade bar where we enjoyed another excellent Texas beer- Firemans’ #4.

All in all, this was a fun way to learn about the city we were visiting and also get a run in! 


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