Lessons from the Chicago Triathlon

I’ve had a few days to absorb the whole Chicago Triathlon experience.  Right after (and before) the race, I was saying I’d never do this race again. With a few days to reflect, I had some highs:

  • Awesome bike ride
  • Strong swim
  • Helping out a friend
  • Finishing strong – and faster than my expected finish!

And some lows:

  • Anxiety in finding a spot for my bike in transition
  • Nervous comparisons to other triathletes in my wave
  • Maniacal checking of the weather report
  • Rough run

My performance in numbers:


What I’ve learned:

  • If I ever do the Chicago Triathlon again, plan to be AT transition right when it opens. Yes, be there at 4:15 AM. 
  • I should place myself into a better spot on the swim. I’m still not sure exactly how strong I can be, but I should start closer up to the front next time.
  • TRAIN FOR TRANSITION!!!  I could easily cut off 7 minutes from my Olympic time if I was smarter about my transition time.  It’s something I should practice, just like I do my workouts. 
  • Continue to work on the bike skills – specifically hands off the handlebars. 
  • I’m excited to work on improving overall on my triathlon!

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