Chicago Triathlon EXPO!

So I haven’t been feeling very bloggy… at least from a writing perspective. I know I owe a race report from my AWESOME Madison Mini Marathon (if you haven’t heard, a major PR was had last Saturday!).  I’ll put something together tomorrow hopefully.

Moving onto my next race, I went downtown to the Expo for the Chicago Triathlon today! Here’s a quick video report straight from a Toyota Prius at the expo:

Straight from the Toyota Prius, it’s the Chicago Tri Expo!


Other goodies from the expo:

  • I finally got some “suit juice” – it helps you put the wetsuit on more easily.
  • Also purchased: the Zoot cooling arm sleeves… I saw them at Ragnar and they seem awesome-sauce!
  • Toyota swag:  a nice visor, for doing this video:  a nice Fuel Belt race belt
  • Lara Bars
  • Free Chobani coupons

There was a ton of stuff for sale, and lots of vendors to talk to:  Coconut water, Trop50, MaxMultisport, Element Multi Sport, Clif Bar, Core Power (what used to be be HoneyMilk).

So tomorrow is cheering on at the SuperSprint – Mike is competing in that (no socks!) and then me on Sunday!  Sunday’s schedule:

  • Wake up SUPER early
  • Get to the race SUPER early
  • Transition closes at 5:45 AM
  • Nap on the grass, likely in a sweatshirt. 
  • My wave starts at 8 AM – SWIM BIKE RUN

You can track me and other triathletes via the iPhone/Android apps for this event –search for “Chicago Triathlon”! Anyway – I hope everyone has a fun weekend!  More to come later! 


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