What’s Up!

Hey hey! This week has been crazy — first starting out with my PC dying, and then a busy week at work.  I’m glad I’ve taken an easier week on the training front:

Monday – Swim

Tuesday – Sox Game 

Wednesday – Bike 11 mi (note to self: remember to check the weather)

I’m looking forward to this weekend: cheering Mike on at the South Shore Triathlon (his first tri!) on Saturday, and then Venus de Miles on Sunday!  

I’m excited to ride in this 61 mile event, however I’m feeling ‘conservative’ in my abilities.  When I signed up (on July 2) I think I’d have more than 3.5 weeks to prepare.  Not sure where my calendar-planning abilities went this summer, but well, I didn’t magically become a cycling all-star.  Even though I’ve been working on some bike skills, I still have a long way to go.  Here is a summary of my notable rides though:

  • ridiculous spin class with a triathlon coach (60 minutes)
  • Grand Haven Sprint Triathlon  (12 miles)
  • 27 mile ride on the Lakefront last Monday
  • 26 mile ride this past Sunday out in Glenview (yah Skokie Lagoons!) 
  • 11 mile ride on the Lakefront this Wed – aka hardest ride ever

My mid-week ride this week was a hard but proud ride.  I got maybe 5 hours of sleep the night before, had a long day at work, and then headed straight to the lakefront for my ride. AKA I planned my ride at 6 AM that morning, even though I was riding at 5 PM.  I hadn’t looked at the weather (we had record-breaking 104 degrees in the late afternoon), looked at the weather #2 (windy day), bought the low-cal gatorade (i.e. fewer calories), didn’t do laundry in advance (wore my worn & sweaty clothes onto workout #2, and forgot my socks).  I did have the important stuff:  helmet, bike, spunk.  I was tired on the ride and struggled to get to a decent speed… and never really got there.  I am proud that I didn’t get upset or down on myself based on the challenges, and that I recognized that it was a bad day… not that I’m a bad rider.  

So either way I’m feeling nervous about a full 61 miles, but I’m excited for it.  I hope that I get some good experience and practice for my bigger goal of the Chicago Olympic Triathlon… less than a month to go for that!!! 


Winner of the Chicago Half Marathon Giveaway:   # 3 –  Lil  !  Congrats – please email me and I’ll get you the code to register! 




5 thoughts on “What’s Up!

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I was excited there for a minute when I saw my name highlighted! Oh well.

    As for Sunday, I don’t think any of us are rock star cyclists. I know you can complete the distance and I have a feeling there will be some (slightly extended) fuel stops at the aid stations. So, no worries!

  2. Lil :)

    I won!! I won!! I won!! I won’t be able to run the race. Sorry! Can you redraw? Can’t wait to read about your 61 miler!!!

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