Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 13

OK, so it’s been a while since I was tracking my weekly workouts on the blog.  But I think this is a helpful way for me to stay accountable, so here goes!  This week started out well, although I did have a little recurrence of the cold I suffered from last week, which took some energy out of me mid-week.

Week of June 25-July 1:


Monday: PM Swim. I did 1400 yards at Holstein Park Pool, which is a long course (50 yard) pool.  The after-work crowd can be a bit intense, but I enjoyed getting the distance in!

Tuesday: AM – Run. I did a few short loops within Wicker Park to complete 3.2 miles.

PM – Strength Training. I got back to visiting my personal trainers at Hard Pressed in June, and am finally feeling like I can do upper body workouts without hurting my back/neck! (I had some shoulder strain leading to neck issues last fall that I’ve been working to strengthen and not aggravate. I think we’re finally there!) I had planned to do an Open Water Swim after this, but my cold came back on Tuesday at work, so I cut that part short for some additional rest. 

Wednesday: Rest. I still felt a bit under the weather, so all I did was bike to work and home. 

Thursday: PM1– Strength Training.  More strength training love. I enjoy having my muscles feel this sore!    

PM2– Bike Trainer. After doing some errands and coming home, I tried doing a bike trainer workout but couldn’t really get into it.  It was 100+ degrees outside, and I think I was still feeling it even though I was indoors. I spun for about 20 minutes but couldn’t get into any intervals or hard work.   

Friday: PM Pool Swim.  Another pool workout! I ordered a pull buoy online and it arrived today, so I got to play around with my new toy. I think swimming has helped strengthen my shoulders without aggravating my “special” spot on the shoulder blade that shoots pain into my neck. 

Saturday: AM – 6 mile CES Run. I returned to pacing for CES, although this week was a cutback week. It was humid out, so I was glad we finished up early. We did 3 miles at 10:30 pace, and then 3 miles back at ‘race pace.’ I ran my race pace miles between 10 & 10:20.

Sunday: First brick workout of the year:  50 minute spin class, then a 15 minute run outside.  Mike’s bike is in the shop, so he convinced me to join him on a spin class taught by a cycling/triathlon coach. It was a sweaty, intense class which we followed with a run to practice what the transition from cycling to running will feel like. 


Mileage Total:  10.5 miles

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