Venus De Miles

So I signed up for a cycling event!  Who wants to do this with me?

Venus de Miles is a women’s-only cycling event that raises money for the Greenhouse Scholars program.  The Illinois ride has two distance options: 25 miles & 61 miles.  I think I’m going to try for the 61 mile event in order to get more time on the bike. (I recently learned the acronym TITS as something important to improving at cycling:  Time In The Saddle)

I signed up today when I saw that there’s an Schwaggle for this event – only $59 for the event – for 5 more days!

The ride is out of Lake Forest, Illinois.  If you want to do this and plan for a meet up or carpool together, please let me know!  I’m excited for this and to learn more about this new charity and event to the Chicago area


9 thoughts on “Venus De Miles

    1. Lauren Post author

      I can’t wait to hear about LATE Ride! I considered that, but thought it might be too slow-paced for a training ride for me.

      1. Erin

        It was pretty slow paced. Do you think this Venus one will be faster?

        (P.S. The write-up for LATE Ride is on my blog now)

      2. Lauren Post author

        I think this one is supposed to be a bit faster / at your own pace. It’s out in the suburbs, although on open roads, but I got the impression that the LATE Ride was more of the “touring”/ crowded. Pictures I saw of Venus de Miles in Colorado have people both in costume, but also some geared up like cyclists.

  1. kilax

    TITS! Love it! Erin was telling me all about this ride today. I do think she wants to do it.

    I will have to meet up with you guys if I am free! We have guests that weekend but they may be gone by then.

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