Hello July!


June was a busy month! I started out in San Francisco, running my heart out. Then we headed to Madison Wisconsin, where you ran all the way from Madison to Chicago! Then it was time to get head’s down and do your first triathlon of the season! You also fostered a kitten – Malika, who was adorable but gave Mike allergies and you got a cold from her.

I’m really enjoying triathlon right now, and back in the same “excitedly busy” spot as last summer where I had triathlon & marathon to train for at the same time. But this summer seems different – I can handle it more, and I’m happier about this “excitedly busy.” I know I can handle it.

Some stats on June:

  • Races: Ragnar Relay Madison to Chicago, Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon
  • Miles Run: 71
  • Miles on Bike: 17


My June Goals were:

  • Maintain consistency with mid-week runs.  3-4 early morning runs is my goal each week. – Not so much, at least the last two weeks with my cold.
  • Have fun at RAGNAR!  It’s this weekend. – CHECK.
  • Stick to the marathon training plan, although understand it’s flexibility as you’ve got triathlons on the race calendar as well. – Didn’t look at it too much, so focus on that in July again!
  • Get in the open water before the Pleasant Prairie triathlon! – CHECK. ONE Completed, and 3 Pool Swims during June.
  • Do another long-ish bike ride – clipped in! – Not done. I did clip in for Pleasant Prairie and didn’t do too badly!

And on my Summer Punch List, I’ve checked off:

  • Pool Membership! – I’ve been enjoying going to the pool twice a week. Mike & I swim together, and he can’t get too far away ‘cuz we’re contained in a pool. Ha ha!
  • Eat a pupusa!  Done today!  We went to El Guanaco in Avondale.  Pupusas are like arepas & gorditas – cheese and other good stuff crammed into some masa and grilled.  Delish. 
  • Foster a kitten!  This wasn’t on the list, but I’m happy we did it. She was cute, and we would have adopted her if she didn’t make Mike sneeze.  The below photos is of her napping, before she became “hunting cat” which was her MO this week.  We took her back to PAWS today so she can have her spay surgery, and then be adopted by a great (non-allergic) family!

Starting off July, this morning I went to a spin class lead by an endurance cycling/triathlon coach at Go Cycle. Ed was great, and this was a hard class! I think I’ll be back for some of his other classes to practice my cycling endurance & speed. I’ve got my 2nd triathlon of the season the first weekend in July, but after that I am switching my focus down on focusing on my training plan – both marathon and triathlon. I’m loving the cross-training but can’t forget the miles I need to put in to perform strong on 10/7!

Goals for July:

  • Stick to the Marathon training plan within reason. Review & update if needed for August & September.
  • Run 90 miles in July.
  • Get up to the mile swim in preparation for the Chicago Triathlon
  • Do at least two long rides

My July Races are:

  • Grand Haven Sprint Triathlon in Michigan – 7/8
  • Bastille Day 5K/8K – 7/12 – I haven’t signed up yet – anyone else doing this?


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