Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back:

I went full force into Bike-to-Work week earlier in June and had a blast!  It was the first week in a while (ever?) that I biked every day of the week to work.  Definitely noticed I was a little more hungry that week Smile but hey, maybe that’s what a girl needs to get some dessert! 

Biking in Chicago links I love:

  • Let’s Go Ride a Bike Blog – fun chronicles of a girl’s commuting in Chicago!
  • The Grid Chicago – informative on bike transportation politics
  • Bike Fancy – lovely portraits of cyclists seen in Chicago. A lot of photos around my neighborhood!

I also attended a blogger meet-up that week at the Jim Gibson 5K. I’m about 200 posts behind the other bloggers who posted right after the race, but here’s some fun photos from my spectating of the event:

Maggie & Amanda at a pre-race port-a-potty stop:

2012-06-14 18.08.19

The whole blogger group at a pre-race meet-up –

(Susan, Amanda, Maggie, me, Britt, Kelly)


Scene at the starting line: 

2012-06-14 18.22.342012-06-14 18.24.462012-06-14 18.24.49

First runners in: 

2012-06-14 18.41.592012-06-14 18.42.24

First Blogger in – Kelly:

2012-06-14 18.47.46


Maggie (in pink):

2012-06-14 18.48.47


2012-06-14 18.54.02


Looking Forward:

I’m “excitedly busy” and am happy about all the activity I’ve got going on!  It definitely helps not to be travelling for work as much anymore as I was last summer. 

I’ve got Chicago Triathlon (8/26) & Marathon (10/7) training & prepping for the Grand Haven Sprint Triathlon on my mind.  The Grand Haven Sprint is in two weeks (omg) and is in Michigan. Another fun mini trip!  I had a lot of fun on our 24 hour road trip for the Pleasant Prairie triathlon, and getting there early the day before definitely helped me feel more comfortable and ready for the race.  I hope we can do something similar for Grand Haven. 

I brainstormed some things I should work on for my triathlon preparations. I don’t expect to complete all of these before Grand Haven, but they’ll certainly put me in a better position to be ready for the Chicago Tri on 8/26! 

  • Open Water Swim at 1 mile distance
  • Bike to pool in AM
  • Morning bike rides – to Humboldt Park, Humboldt Blvd
  • Do some brick workouts (bike-to-run or bike-run-bike-run)
  • Get equipped for, and Practice changing a tire on my road bike
  • Get a bento box for my bike to hold ID, fuel, near my handlebars.
  • Try some runs and/or rides without socks.
  • Practice my transitions.  Maybe on the bike trainer, maybe outside. 

As I sketch out my training schedule for the next two weeks, I’m trying to figure out how to handle my long run next weekend.  This week is supposed to be my cutback week at CES, and next Saturday we’d run 13 miles – right before my triathlon.  Part of me wants to switch things up to meet my schedule perfectly, but I do enjoy running with the group! And I feel a bit of a sense of responsibility. I skipped this past weekend due to getting over a cold, and in resting up for the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon.  What’s a girl to do?

Just a few of the things on my mind.

What’s on your mind this week?  How is training going for you? 


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