What I’ve been up to

Since getting back from San Francisco a week ago (sorry to leave, it was so fun to run in that city!), I’ve had a whirlwind of things going on:


More to come on that. It was hot, but we survived.

Bike to Work Week:

I’ve biked to work both days so far this week (and will again today when I finally head into the office late).  It’s been fun, and a great way to show the city the strength in numbers that cyclists have. I’m fortunate to live only a few miles from work, so it’s actually pretty convenient to not have to wait for public transit on my way into the office.


Triathlon Training:

Is in full swing! I’d been doing some biking, but yesterday was my first open water swim!  (or real swim apart from honeymoon pool-play time) I met up with the Chicago Tri Club at the Ohio Street Beach yesterday afternoon for their “Stroke-n-Stride” program.  You swim either a half-mile (sprint tri distance) or mile (olympic tri distance) and then transition to a 2-mile run.  It was nice to be out in the water – not too cold, and then to also push myself to keep moving afterward.  But I was tired once I got home!  Biking to Ohio Street Beach was definitely the way to go, although I need to remember to bring a big shopping bag for my wetsuit when I’m done, and also some long-sleeves for post workout. 

Marathon Training:

In addition to everything above, I’m stoked about 10/7/2012 – Chicago Marathon!  I’ve got a plan of my own that I’ve been loosely following.  10 miles is my long run planned for this weekend, with the Chicago Endurance Sports group as part of their pacing team!


Oh yeah, and that thing called work. And life. 

How is your week going? 


3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. Erin

    You amaze me with all you’re able to fit in training-wise!

    I’ve also been biking to work now that we’ve moved so close. Crazy to see all the bikes parked outside my office this week.

  2. kilax

    Yay! I love hearing all the different things you are doing. I am excited to hear your Ragnar recap! I have been reading a lot of interesting ones!

    I hope seeing all those bikers encourages the city of Chicago to have more dedicated bike lanes 🙂

    And I love following your tri training! It would be so fun to get back in to swimming 🙂


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