Happy Running Day – May/June transition

Happy National Running Day!  I’m glad I got my 4 miles in today before even realizing it 🙂

I got out of my goals posts for May as I was wrapping up from wedding activities.  But apparently I got a lot more running in – more miles in May 2012 than any other month for the last year! This is a great start to my marathon training.

May Race: Soldier Field 10 Mile

Miles Run: 86

Miles on Bike: 52

I did Bike the Drive over Memorial Day weekend and logged my longest bike ride ever!  30 miles on Lakeshore Drive + 3 miles each way to get there = ~36 miles total biked that day!  I’ve been a bit nervous on my road bike with my clip-in shoes, so I did this in my sneakers, but was still impressed that I got up to 18-19 mph on my bike for several miles.  It also helped that it was on Lake Shore Drive and there was no car traffic to have to deal with!  Lots of fun and I’d recommend to anyone with a bike to participate in this event in the future!
Other notables for May:  This was my highest mileage in quite a long time! That is, as long as I’ve been tracking on Daily Mile. I’m proud of myself for being consistent in getting out for runs, which has been my biggest challenge when training in the past.  I’m finding my groove with early morning runs. 
June Goals:

  • Maintain consistency with mid-week runs.  3-4 early morning runs is my goal each week.
  • Have fun at RAGNAR!  It’s this weekend.
  • Stick to the marathon training plan, although understand it’s flexibility as you’ve got triathlons on the race calendar as well.
  • Get in the open water before the Pleasant Prairie triathlon!
  • Do another long-ish bike ride – clipped in!

June & July Races:

  • Ragnar – team relay this weekend.  I’m Runner #2 of the 12 person team!
  • Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon – June 24
  • Grand Haven (MI) Sprint Triathlon – July 8 (?)

3 thoughts on “Happy Running Day – May/June transition

  1. Erin

    Jealous that you did Bike the Drive AND you’re doing Grand Haven! I love the Grand Haven event even though I’ve only done the duathlon once.

  2. kilax

    Ragnar! I remember when I saw Mike last year! Have a blast!

    WTG on the mileage this month!

    Was there any bike congestion on Bike the Drive? I wondered about that!


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