Photo Challenge–“Seen on my Run”

I don’t know when I’ll actually take photos for this, but I wanted to participate in Maggie’s photo challenge of the week. Especially after tonight’s run.  Disclaimer: these are not my photos, but the items seen were actually seen by my eyes. 

Story starts on Saturday evening.  Mike was being a darling and taking out the trash, but sadly cut his ankle on our screen door.  It was a bit deeper than my “Nurse Lauren” experience as a healthcare IT professional, so we decided to go get this checked out by a real doctor. Funny that it happened to occur exactly 30 minutes after nearly all urgent care’s close in the city on a Saturday.  So instead of getting an early dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, we head out to one of my community health centers to go to their Walk In Wellness Clinic that’s open until 10 every night of the week. 

After waiting for a while (again, this is one of the few non-ER options for healthcare on Saturday afternoon/evening), and keeping Mike entertained via my iphone, we finally get checked out and he’s properly bandaged up.  (No stitches, just the skin glue).  And then head out to get some food finally.

We’re driving down Augusta, and pass by what we both saw as an Angel.  We looked at each other, but I kept driving as I was about 3 hours behind on my stomach’s dinner plans.


Tonight I headed out for my run and decided to find the angel.  Turns out that at Augusta & Wolcott, there is indeed an Angel in a cage.  It looks pretty similar to these photos that I found.  I didn’t see any information about what I was looking at when I took a rest from my run, but I did find a “shit fountain” (now that you’ll have to google yourself)


But this Angel is intriguing, and it’s been interesting to find out a bit more about her background this evening.  I imagine I’ll be doing a bit more exploring in the Ukrainian Village after this to find other interesting things. 


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