Things I’m Thinking About Now

  • It’s been much harder getting back into the swing of things post-wedding.  Lots of changes at work, trying to be domesticated, and also running.  And this weather?  60 degrees one day, then 90 the next?  wtf
  • I ran my longest weekday AM run this morning – 5 miles.  Let’s see when my next one is.
  • I am running Soldier Field on Saturday as a somewhat last minute decision. Who else is?
  • I am focusing more on what I wear to work – branching out into a bit more fashion focus than I was before.  I even tried Stitch Fix after learning about it from Erin @ Loop Looks! Got a chambray blazer, and then of course I headed to Jcrew for more lovelies, and then to Zappos.
  • I am inspired by stories of adversity.  Between her First World Problems and epic marathon challenge, Gingerfoxx has been someone I’ve been watching. 
  • I am loving gel / shellac manicures.  It’s getting hard to stop. I love having polished fingers that don’t chip, and look good for more than 24 2 hours.  My nails are actually starting to get long.
  • Is it weird that I want to go to yoga teacher training but can barely make it to yoga class once a week (if that)? It is a secret dream (not anymore) of mine. 
  • While I am still running, my mind has been elsewhere as I’m thinking heavily about career items.  I’m not actually sure what I want. Which is the problem.



3 thoughts on “Things I’m Thinking About Now

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    So, you liked Stitch Fix?? I think it’s super fun.

    Do all late 20s-early 30 somethings have these career crises? Seems like everyone I talk to is in flux about their chosen careers.

  2. Annabelle

    Lauren, I totally saw you at Fleet Feet! I can;t even remember which day but it was before a group run, and it was probably two weeks ago. I was a quarter mile down the road before it clicked.

    Anyway, enjoy the 10miler, I will be out in Seattle for a convention so sadly will miss out,


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