April Review & May Plans

So I’m getting back in the groove of work (first day back was yesterday) and regular ol’ married life.  Here’s what I’d set as intentions for April:

  • Stay not too stressed!  Done & Done!  That’s what 2.5 weeks off of work will do ya! I’m filling out applications for Trophy Wife now. 
  • Go to yoga at least once.  I went 3 times! YAY! 
  • Read the 2nd Hunger Games (bonus: see the movie) 2nd & 3rd books done, and movie was seen!  I can’t believe next movie doesn’t come out until 2013!!
  • Act gracefully and appreciate all moments – especially during the wedding! I think I did well at this! 
  • Continue twice weekly strength work until the wedding. Mostly done.  Gotta get back on the horse now.
  • Cheer Mike on at his national championship event at the end of the month.  Yea Mike!

And for May’s Goals & Intentions:

  • Run 20 miles/week for 4 weeks
  • Get on the bike for an hour minimum each week
  • One swim workout and one yoga class (minimums)
  • Take time to appreciate beauty & friendships each day
  • Keep cooking! One new dish every week. Bonus points if Mike eats it the same day it was made!

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