Runner Photo Challenge: Memorabilia from your Favorite Race

I’ve been incommunicado this past weekend as I was busy with a little getting married!  I’m still decompressing from it all, but wanted to participate in this photo challenge! 

Maggie is hosting a Runner Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge: A picture of memorabilia (bib, shirt, medal, trophy, etc – can be just one thing or multiple things) from your favorite race. Include an explanation of why it’s your favorite race.

This is the medal and a “time card” from the 2010 Madison Mini Marathon.  This was the first of what has become one of my favorite races, one which I’ve done for two years in a row and signed up for again this year. 

I used to live in Madison, Wisconsin, and loved the idea of going back for memories and to race.  M & I did this race the second year it was held, and I was blown away by many aspects about the race:

  • Loved the “road  trip” to a familiar spot – it’s kind of like travel but we have our routine now for this Madison trip & pre-race activities.
  • I loved the nostalgia of running along many of my old running routes. I had run almost the entire race course at different points during the time I lived in Madison.
  • I happened to run really well on the Madison Mini course. I PR’ed this first year, and came close the 2nd year.
  • The medal is actually a bottle opener on the other side. That was a hidden feature we learned about actually during year two!
  • I love the post race festivities! You finish right near the UW Union Terrace, grab your food & water, stake out a spot at one of the iconic tables & seats to listen to music, grab a beer, and relax in the sun following your half marathon!

If anyone is going to be running this race this year, please let me know!  It’s one of my favorites and I’m so happy to share & meet up with you!


6 thoughts on “Runner Photo Challenge: Memorabilia from your Favorite Race

  1. Erin

    First, I love that you snuck in your comment about being busy getting married. Congrats, girl! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    I love racing in my hometown for all those reasons you listed about why you love the Madison Mini Marathon.

  2. kilax

    I loved getting a sneak peek of your GORGEOUS wedding photos from your Facebook friends 😉

    I ran the Madison Marathon last year and it was so well put on. I want to learn more about Madison! When is the Mini?

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