I was battling my demons yesterday at my computrainer class. Once my first setback occurred (in the 2nd of twenty intervals), things just kept popping in my head:

  • they’ll all be hard
  • why keep going
  • you’re not doing well at work or running either
  • you have so much going on, that’s why you’re not doing this workout well
  • just pick a lower number (threshold – the benchmark that the computrainer workout is measured against)
  • you’re cramping -> you ate too much junk food today.
  • you can’t concentrate on anything; you don’t go to yoga enough to meditate while cycling

Too scary to be big in the blog. (Source)

What I’d like to do instead – next time these demons come out to play:

  • remember the meditation principles: I’m focused just on the interval we’re doing right now
  • Start keeping track of nutrition & cycling workouts. This was the 2nd time that I’ve had cramping/not digestive fun while cycling.
  • Inject the ‘om’ back into my life.  Really, where did my yoga go?
  • Try to get in some easier cycling workouts. Maybe another one on some weeks. That may help with my overall confidence on the bike.
  • Think about the mental training needed to go hard.  Are there things I should be doing to strengthen mentally?
  • there’s a reason why these workouts are hard. You’re paying for a professional to train you!
  • Maybe I should look into when I schedule these workouts. Maybe it needs to be after a rest day.

What do you do when your demons come out to play?  Any tips to share? 


6 thoughts on “Demons

  1. Erin

    Focusing on just the interval you’re doing at that moment is probably the best tip. I do that when I run races, too. Just focus on this mile, I tell myself. Worry about the next mile when you get there. Easier said than done, of course.

    1. Lauren Post author

      Yes! This was challenging to do! Although I think I’ve been having more “focused” sessions (intervals, strength w/ my trainer) recently that I haven’t had as much “zone out” workout time.

  2. Lil :)

    Yikes! Your pic scared me!
    Lady, you are awesome! You have been doing good at running! Did you happen to forget you just ran two awesome races you pr’d at!?!
    ….just an off day. Clean slate today!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I know that intellectually, just hard to get my feelings to catch up exactly when I want them to.

  3. Mehnaz

    Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I hear this post loud and clear – I think in the heat of an asana or an interval, I focus on the physical. Sometimes changing my focus to my form (positioning my body the right way when I run or working on extending my full posture in yoga) takes the focus off “running the mile” or “doing the perfect pose,” and let’s me get lost in the moment.
    You are doing great – give yourself a reward for doing the workout and remember how good you are doing!


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