March Goals–Looking Back

This has been a busy month!  I feel like I’ve had to focus a lot more than normal recently… but there is a lot going on between wedding prep, running, staying healthy, and work.



Focusing prior to the start of the Shamrock Shuffle last weekend

Although I’ve been finding that if I focus hard, I can accomplish my goals! 


Happy & Successful, post-race.  Almost a 3 minute PR!

Well, looking back on March, I’ve done:

  • Run in two races
  • Taken my first trip for work in several months
  • Run XXX miles
  • Hit T-30 days to the wedding!

The goals I set for myself in March were:

  • I will run 2 weeks of more than 20 miles, and 2 weeks of more than 12 miles.  Not quite accomplished. I did get 2 weeks of 20 miles, but only 1 week with more than 12. My “off” weeks are really off. 
  • I will complete two strength workouts (at home or w/ trainer) each week.  Pretty good about this one.
  • I will track my food intake 5 days a week. Did I track any days?!
  • Make it to yoga or pilates at least a few times. Didn’t make it to any. 
  • Post on my blog 14 times in March. 11 times including this post.
  • Finish book club book before book club meeting!  Completed!  Smile 
  • Keep home organized, esp in relation to gifts, thank-yous & clutter. We’ve been managing the gifts & thank-yous, but clutter is still something I’m working on. 
  • Continue to take photos and post semi-regularly. I’ve been taking photos, but not posting them too much.  I like Instagram though, so follow me there if you want to receive my sporadic photos!
  • PR at the 8K event on March 25.  Done & Done!  I majorly PR’ed at the Shamrock Shuffle, and also at the Oak Forest Fleadh 5K 
  • Work toward Arms like Michelle Obama.  I’ll take a before picture, and we’ll compare to the after. I did take before photos, however I struggle with my upper body strength work.  My neck pain two weeks ago didn’t help, and I’m still adjusting back to any upper body strength work.
  • Don’t eat swedish fish until I’m running 30 miles per week. Sadly, accomplished. I still want swedish fish though.  My closest replacement:  eating dates. 

April Goals:

  • Stay not too stressed! 
  • Go to yoga at least once
  • Read the 2nd Hunger Games (bonus: see the movie)
  • Act gracefully and appreciate all moments – especially during the wedding!
  • Continue twice weekly strength work until the wedding.
  • Cheer Mike on at his national championship event at the end of the month.

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