Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 12

Well, even though I had a “barely surviving” for my weekdays, it was a pretty good & busy weekend!  I struggled with some neck & back pain throughout this week, enough to see a chiropractor twice this week.  I am glad that despite these issues, I was still able to meet my running goal for the week (15 miles). 

Week of March 19-25:


Monday: Rest. My neck and back were super tight and sore, although I’m not sure from what. When it hurts to smile (Sad smile), it’s hard to want to do anything else. 

Tuesday: AM – Chiropractor appointment. I’d never been to see one before, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I walked out with my neck & back feeling soo much better! 

PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. We did a workout with 3×15 minutes at threshold (90% max) pace.  This was incredibly hard for me to do, although not because of my legs. I was getting stomach cramps, perhaps from the wedding catering tasting earlier in the afternoon? The food and wine were delicious, but maybe not the best before an intense (coached) workout. 

Wednesday: Rest. I just felt off all day.  I did go into Get a Grip for a check-in on my bike fit from last month.  No major changes, just a quick adjustment on my handlebar angle. 

Thursday: AM – Strength Training.  I did a lower-body-only workout, as prescribed by my doctor.  It was intense, and I was sore through to Saturday morning.   

Friday: Rest.  It was enough just to walk around post-Thursday-Strength.

Saturday: AM – 5 mile shake-out run. I decided I should try to see how running felt, although I was tight in my legs still.  This run helped to loosen them up. It was mostly easy, although I did throw in some strides to practice speed.

Sunday: Epic Run Day:  1.6 mile warmup, Shamrock Shuffle 8K (5 miles), then Hash Run (2 miles) and run home (1.5 miles).  I am determined not to loose out on my March Running goal, and wanted to redeem myself in mileage for this week.  So it was a 10 mile day!  My runs post-race didn’t feel so great, but I think that may have been due to the beer drinking that began post-race and continued throughout the day.  Oops Smile 

Mileage Total:  15 miles

My goal for this week:  run 20 miles to finish out my month of March, get through a decent work-week, continue to reduce/prevent neck pain, and run strong in the Chi-Town 10K on Sunday.  10K Race Goal:  57:00.  I think this will be challenging, but I’m looking forward to pushing as hard as I can! 


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 12

    1. Lauren Post author

      Things are getting better. I also got a new pillow this past weekend, and saw the chiropractor twice last week (and again today). Overall I feel so much better!

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