Shamrock Shuffle Race Report

So this morning started my Shamrock Shuffle epic day!  As some readers may know, last year’s Shamrock Shuffle had a special surprise at the end.  So this year part of my rationale for running was not only to try and bust a PR, but also for the sweet memories! I’d had some issues this week, and didn’t get a chance to run until Saturday, so I wasn’t sure how my running would be on Sunday.  I set my goal to be 46:30, a PR although not quite as serious of a goal as I’d previously envisioned. 

I made it to the race pretty early for my Corral E / Wave 2 start (@ 9:15), as Mike was slated for Corral A & an 8:30 start.  We wandered around a bit, met up with my friend Lilian, and after depositing the both of them at their corral entrances, I went to warm up a bit.  I found some other friends (Hi Joanne & Amy!) at Gear Check, and then headed over to try and see the start of the race.

The start was not quite as picturesque as I’d hoped behind a chain link fence and 3 foot barriers, although I did get to see Amanda and Maggie pass by in the outfits that they’d announced ahead of time!  I headed back to get into my corral as soon as I saw the C’s starting to pass through. 

After shaking it out, and stretching it out in Corral E, I watched the minutes tick down to 9:15.  Finally – we got to start!  The course was pretty much the same as in previous years, so I was feeling pretty familiar with knowing where we were going.  I ended up doing my first mile in 8:51, about 30 seconds below my target pace. 

Mile 2 was also below target pace, and I was feeling pretty good!  However by mile 3 I was starting to get the “why do I do this?” feeling, and noticed myself struggling to keep up those faster paces.  I was happy to complete Mile 3 in 9:19, and Mile 4 right on the 9:21 button. 

At the 4 Mile Marker, the race turns south on Michigan Avenue for the final stretch.  I sped up to finish, although my body wouldn’t have it!  I got a side stitch (the bane of my finishing 8Ks), and walked it for a few moments.  When I started up again running, I couldn’t get the speed back as we were turning up the Roosevelt hill toward the finish.  I did what I could to make it up the hill, and then sprinted when I turned in toward the finish chute.

I crossed the finish line with an official time of 45:21 and am happy to have cut off over three minutes off my previous 8K PR (48:48)! I truly am appreciative of my body, my friends & family supporting me, although I’m also starting to wonder why I’ve been conservative in pushing on my last two (shorter) races.  Maybe I should push hard on my next one?  Oh wait, that’s next Sunday at the Chi-town 10K

Post race, I wandered around, let photographers take my picture, and met up with friends for some sunny beer drinking near Buckingham Fountain.  It was such a gorgeous day all around! 

Photos to come later!


6 thoughts on “Shamrock Shuffle Race Report

  1. tootallfritz

    It was so good to meet you after the race. I’m so excited you stopped by to say hey! I’ll be seeing you around, so good to have another friendly face on the CHI running scene. LOVE Chicago running!

  2. Erin

    Congrats on the PR! I tell you, sometimes I think our speed is only limited by what our brain thinks we can do not what our body can actually do.

  3. kilax

    Wow! It’s been a whole year since the proposal! Geesh. Time flies. 🙂

    Congrats on the race! You did awesome! That is a huge PR! Why do you think you get the side stitches at 8Ks?

  4. Lil :)

    Haha…i guess you did deposit me 🙂
    45:21!!! Awesome job lady!! I also started to feel it around 3.5 miles and i felt like i needed to stop and walk or something but i def wasn’t pushing as much as i new i could the last mile and a half.

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