Week 10 & 11 Weekly Workout Round Up

Busy few weeks!  I’m noticing more and more I have a “week on, week off” type of schedules for my workouts.  Maybe I should just plan for this?  It’s Monday, and I’m definitely feeling it’s my “off” week.  Here’s to a good week for everyone! 

Week of March 5-11:

  • Monday: Rest. 
  • Tuesday: Travel. Rest. Pull running shoes out of suitcase.
  • Wednesday: Out of town. Think about running shoes while in hotel hot tub.
  • Thursday:  Back in Chicago. Mid-day 3.25 mile run.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Oak Forest Fleadh 5K and a .94 mile warmup.
  • Weekly Total: 7.3 miles

Week of March 12-18:


Monday: PM – 5 miles with Nike Run Loud. This was hard!  Not sure why it felt so hard.  It could have been the warmth, working on a Monday (last Monday run I’d taken a sick day), or snacks not sitting well in my stomach. 

Tuesday: PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. We did xyz.

Wednesday: PM – 4 miles. This was a hot run, and I didn’t love it. My stomach was acting up, and I had the mantra “turn left” when my stomach knot got a bit tighter.  I made my mileage goal & back home without any unfortunate incidents! 

Thursday: AM – Strength Training.  I worked out with a different trainer than before, and there were some new machines.  Updated workout kicked my butt! 

PM – 3.75 mile run with RAM Ladies Night. Another not-so-stellar afternoon run. Am making plans for how to work toward improving these. 

Friday: Rest. I scheduled a massage for Friday afternoon.  between some of these workouts and an increase in biking to work, my back and legs have been much more sore than normal.  It felt good to have this tension be pounded out of me as much as possible!   

Saturday: AM – 8 mile long run. I was sad to have missed/skipped running with my friend Lilian, but made up for it by running a hot 8 miles later. I’ll post photos later this week.

Sunday: rest & work. I was feeling pretty sore from the run and my back was starting to act up again. 

Mileage Total:  21 miles

My goal for this week is to have a ‘lighter’ week but still more than my previous light weeks.  Weekly Mileage Goal:  15 miles, including Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle!


7 thoughts on “Week 10 & 11 Weekly Workout Round Up

  1. tootallfritz

    The Shamrock Shuffle is finally here! This is one of my favorite races, so happy to be running it again. Look for the green Team Sparkle Skirts to reappear at the Shamrock. You may have seen a few of us in Oak Forest but we will have larger numbers this time. Good luck!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Hopefully I’ll see you guys among the crowds! I did see you guys at the Oak Forest 5K — just didn’t know who you were! Best of luck at the race!

      1. tootallfritz

        We are meeting back at the Blue Gear Check Tent after the race. We have people in the first and 2nd waves. I’ll be at the front entrance of the blue gear check as soon as I finish and retreive my bag. Meet us there afterwards!

  2. kilax

    Ooo! Are you doing the Chicagoland blogger meetup tomorrow at 9 at the Bean? We’re running 3 miles then people are getting their bibs at the expo 🙂

    I think hot tub should always trump running 🙂


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