Summer Weather

So we skipped spring and went from ‘winter’ (in quotes) to summer in just one week. Tips on summer running, as evidenced last night:
-your pace goes down as the temps rise
-clothes come off as the temps rise
-more obstacles to dodge as the temps rise.

Last night was a lazy 4 mile run later than I’d planned, but I had a hard time getting out before it got cooler. I explored a new-ish route, and then circled back to the ‘hood. More running, or easier evening running, now means that I have to be more careful with my afternoon snacks. I consistently have been getting cramps/stomachaches when running after my current crackers, so time to try some new PM treats!
Stomach cramps aside, it was nice to run in the same shorts that I wore mostly in the Arizona heat last summer! Tank top, shorts and I was still soaked at the end of the run. Not a bad feeling, although a definite change from Saturday’s race at 35 degrees.

What’s your favorite pre-run snack?


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