Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 9

This week was another good week. I’m not sure if I should plan on this, but especially in non-heavy-duty-training periods, I feel like I often follow a “one week on, one week off” type of a schedule.  This was definitely an “ON” week!



Monday: PM – 7 miles with Nike Run Loud. This was my first run in over a week, and I kind of rocked it!  9:38 avg pace.  

Tuesday: PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. I was tired from the long run the day before, but pedaled my heart out following a hills course out in Cali.  90 minutes.  

Wednesday:  Rest. I intended something, then decided to chill and rest.  I was pooped!  

Thursday:  AM – 4 mile tempo run. I hit my tempo run goal of completing the middle two miles at sub-9:30. It was a nice morning!

Friday: AM – Strength Training. I had forgotten to schedule my PT workouts for this week, and was only able to squeeze in on Friday morning.  A hard workout that kept me sore for a full 24 hours! 

Saturday:  AM – 8 mile long run. I met up with Lilian & Staci after their CES runs to help them finish out their long runs for marathon training.  We completed 8 miles together, and I had a great time catching up with them and running along the lakefront! 

Sunday: AM – 5 miles easy.  I got up early to complete my run, and decided to find my new route for tempo runs (to challenge myself now that the 4 miles is easy-peasy!). I enjoyed expanding my morning route out by a bit and exploring more of the Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago.  It was a gorgeous morning to be out and shake my legs out! 

We’ll see how I keep things up… especially as this week contains some travel!

Plans for this week:

  • Monday:  Run or Bike in PM. 
  • Tuesday: AM travel, PM run (hotel or outside?)
  • Wednesday:  AM run if possible!  some strength work? 
  • Thursday: AM travel, PM ladies’ night run.
  • Friday:  AM workout (bike or strength)
  • Saturday:  5K race? figuring that out with Mike
  • Sunday:  longish run if needed to get to 20 miles. 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 9

  1. kilax

    Awesome week! You totally rocked it! Very balanced too 🙂 I am happy you got to explore a new neighborhood. That always seems to freshen up my runs! I feel like I have been stuck in my neighborhood lately. Things are getting stale 😉


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