Oh yeah, some other goals too

Somehow I forgot to include my training/racing goals in for March.  I’d posted them before, but forgot that the Shamrock Shuffle is in March Smile .  So here are a few more goals I’m looking forward to:

1. PR at the 8K event on March 25 (redemption race:  a 10K on April 1).  Original goal was to PR at 48 minutes.  I ran 5 miles in less than that on Monday, so I’m reviewing my goal time.  I still want to PR.

2. Continue my strength training & cycling training work.  Goal:  Arms like Michelle Obama.  I’ll take a before picture, and we’ll compare to the after. 

3. Don’t eat swedish fish until I’m running 30 miles per week. 

And with that, I’d like to show you some amazing things people do with Swedish Fish:



Off for my Saturday “long” run!  Funny to say that when it’s barely 7 or 8 miles! 


1 thought on “Oh yeah, some other goals too

  1. kilax

    I love Swedish Fish! I should have a guideline like that – a mpw limit I must go over to eat sweets 🙂

    WTG on PRing before the race! That is awesome.


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