March Goals

I got out for a nice run this morning. So glad it’s inching closer to 40 degrees for the AM runs!  As much as I enjoy getting together for a group run, morning runs are my ideal time of day. 

This morning was warmer than I’d planned, so I was wanting to strip down sweating it out in my jacket and hat.  Actually stuffed my hat into my pockets after 2 miles, and lost my hairtie somewhere after that! I did my “new normal” four mile route – and 3 minutes faster than when I did it two weeks ago!  This was the route I’d started doing for tempo runs, but I’m ready to up those a bit and will try to keep four miles as my easy or “get it in” type of runs.  Here were my splits for this morning:

Mile 1: 10:12, Mile 2: 9:26, Mile 3: 9:05, Mile 4: 10:47

And we’re out of February and into March!  Looking back at my Feb goals, I’m a bit disappointed, but I know it was a busy month.  In addition to what I’d planned for, we had the craziest/busiest time at work (crisis mode for over a week), fostered a cat for 10 days, and also celebrated my bachelorette party and a bridal shower!  So I suppose in hindsight I didn’t do too badly, all things considered.

Here were my February Goals & how I faired: 

  • Complete 16 Runs this month, including at least one speedwork or tempo run each week.  Ouch, no.  According to my Garmin website, I only got 6 runs in this month.  However I think they were speedier on average. 
  • Do planks & push-ups three times a week. How many times a week?  Maybe 3 times this month. 
  • Start the post-card challenge.  Get my postcards together, and send out 4 or 5 to loved ones this month.  OK, need to regroup on this.  Maybe later. 
  • Purchase ingredients & schedule when to cook 1 recipe.  My recipe of choice is chili, or macaroni & cheese.  I made a special pasta recipe (i.e. what can I use from the freezer).  And I cooked an omelette rather than eating leftovers last night!
  • Go to yoga 7 times. Not even counting.  I did get one lovely sweat session in w/ my friend Erica! 
  • Track my food intake for each day from Feb 5-29. 10 out of 24 days done!
  • Post on my blog 12 times in February. 12 Exactly! 
  • Participate in the Appreciation Challenge from Amanda at Run to the Finish. I tried to be more appreciative in general, but did not do anything specific for this challenge.
  • Participate in a Burpee Challenge. I learned about it from Run Court Run! I participated one day.  I did do three days worth of catch up though! 
  • Participate in a photo challenge. I tried taking more photos but also did not truly participate in this. 

So in the interest of being a bit more realistic for March, and not wanting to stress too much about things that would be more on the “fun” side of things: 

  • I will run 2 weeks of more than 20 miles, and 2 weeks of more than 12 miles. 
  • I will complete two strength workouts (at home or w/ trainer) each week. 
  • I will track my food intake 5 days a week.
  • Make it to yoga or pilates at least a few times.
  • Post on my blog 14 times in March.
  • Finish book club book before book club meeting! 
  • Keep home organized, esp in relation to gifts, thank-yous & clutter.
  • Continue to take photos and post semi-regularly. 

How has everyone’s mid-week runs been? Any big plans for March?


4 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Erin

    Good plan to make your goals less stressful but still challenging!

    I hope to be able to run in Central Park this March. I’ve never been to NYC and I just got the clearance to start running. What better way to welcome running back into my life?

    1. Lauren Post author

      Ooh – that sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear about it (both the Central Park and the resuming running)! So is the surgery off then?

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