Weekly Workout Round-up Week 8

I felt like last week was great, but this past week was a bit of a step-back week.  There was a lot going on, and I ended up choosing to stay calm & sane rather than beat myself up energy-wise by cramming so much more in. 

Monday: Rest.  I didn’t plan very well, and scheduled a spray tan test in preparation for the wedding. I didn’t realize you can’t sweat/shower for 8-10 hours afterward, which didn’t help for a noon appointment!   It looked good though!

Tuesday: Vision Quest Computrainer Class. This was the final workout of the first series (theme was strength).  It was maybe the hardest workout ever – warm-up, then 20 minutes all out. Then do it again!  I accomplished a 170 max watts, which was a good 33% more than what we’d estimated my threshold when I first started.  It was also my first ride after the bike fit, and my elbow felt so much better!  I think some of the additional power was also do to improved fit & comfort on the bike. 

Wednesday:  Rest. I planned on an AM workout but my legs were shot from last night.  And I had a marathon wedding planning meeting after work, so a glass of wine was in order following.  I’ve realized it’s really hard for me to run after work in the winter time! 

Thursday: Personal Training Strength Work.  Met up with Dan from Hard Pressed to resume my workouts. I realized my arms may not transform themselves to Michelle Obama’s on their own! 

Friday: Rest.  I took today off from work, and while I meant to get in a run, I just did not have the energy in me, knowing that I was heading out for a busy brides’s weekend in DC!

Saturday:  I hope dancing at a great lounge/club counts! 

Sunday: Rest and recover.

It was a lighter week workout wise, and I hope I can work toward some shorter workouts when I’m going to otherwise skip a workout. 

Plans for this week:

  • Monday:  Run.
  • Tuesday: run in AM, Computrainer workout in PM.
  • Wednesday:  AM Yoga?  I hope so! 
  • Thursday:  AM personal training (hello!).  PM ladies’ night run ideally, but I may have a work dinner.
  • Friday:  Run or Rest. 
  • Saturday:  7-8 mile run if possible
  • Sunday:  short shakeout run or Yoga. 

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up Week 8

    1. Lauren Post author

      Wattage is your power, or effort/output. In running terms: it’s easier to run fast downhill, and you expend more effort (power) running uphill. I don’t understand all the physics of it, but we often focus more on the watts/power on hard intervals rather than focusing on the speed (which will be low, because it’s an uphill for example). Another important measurement is watts/kg, which helps to equalize your power for weight. That is – a heavier cyclist can pedal with more power than a lighter one, but who is pedaling more for their body weight?

      1. Lauren Post author

        Yes – the display that they have while you’re riding displays your speed (mph), current wattage, average wattage, and current watts/kg. I’ll try and take some pictures next week!

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