Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 7

So this was my “so you signed up for a marathon” kick-in-the-butt week. I know it’s pretty paltry mileage, but much better than the 8 miles in a week I’d been averaging before.  Also still includes quite a bit of rest time, so there’s only room to go up from here! Smile 



Monday: AM – 4 miles easy.  I started the week off with getting up early for a good run. It was still a bit icy out, but I was able to try out my new Brooks Pure Cadence.  Felt good to get out and run, the first time in over a week! 

Tuesday: AM – 4 miles. It snowed a bit the night before, so I took it easy again. I did speed up for mile 3.

PM – Vision Quest Computrainer Class. Mike & I spent Valentines Day doing a 90 minute computrainer workout.  What sweaty love! Afterward, my elbow hurt a bit, so icing was in order with the takeout food post-workout. 

Wednesday:  Rest. I was definitely feeling my elbow.  Scheduled a bike fit. 

Thursday:  PM – 4.47 miles w/ the Ladies Night group at Running Away.  I got to try out heart rate monitors and learn more about how to use them in training. Also I got to eat pizza and drink beer with a group of fabulous ladies!  My average HRM was 163 on this run. 

Friday: Rest. 

Saturday:  I took a little while to wake up on Saturday and ended up starting my run around 10 AM.  6.2 miles in just over an hour – I’m pretty proud of myself!  On this 10K, I was supposed to push for miles 2 & 4. I was actually able to get them down below 9 min/mi splits! And a 3rd sub-10 split for mile 6. Only issue was some digestive troubles (thank you for all the coffee shops, Chicago), but probably because I ate more breakfast than normal before a run, as I was running a bit later than my usual AM run time.  A reminder of why I like running at 7 AM. 

Sunday: I’d planned on either getting on my bike trainer, or going for a short run, but ended up being a couch potato. I did bake, cook & eat a lot though! 

It was a good week, and I’m eager for more! 

Plans for this week:

  • Monday:  Hopefully run.  Depends on some beauty appointments I have and whether I’m allowed to sweat Smile 
  • Tuesday: run in AM, Computrainer workout in PM.
  • Wednesday:  AM Yoga?  PM run if I don’t on Monday.
  • Thursday:  AM personal training (hello!).  PM Book group?  Or ladies’ night run.
  • Friday:  Run long-ish (i.e. 6-8 miles).  Get ready for some travel to DC! 
  • Saturday & Sunday:  Planned Rest.

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