Bike Fit

As you may have heard, I’ve been taking a cycling class on Tuesdays for the past few weeks. I was lucky enough to score a date for Tuesday this week:


But afterward I felt something that’s been nagging me since I started these computrainer classes.  Elbow pain. 

After the first class, I didn’t notice it until Thursday, over 24 hours later. After last week’s class (#2), I noticed it the next morning, about 12-14 hours after the class.  And this week?  I noticed the elbow pain before the end of our romantic takeout dinner  (We did go out on a real date the Saturday before).

So it has been time to schedule a bike fit. My new bicycle was clearly comfortable enough for the hour long, self-paced workouts, but didn’t seem to stand up to the most intense cycling activities I’ve ever done. 

I was lucky enough to get one scheduled for this past Thursday at Get a Grip Cycles. Mike there did a great job with helping me to get more comfortable on my new Trek road bike. The Fit Session was made up of the following sections:

  • Interview – he wanted to understand what my current cycling history is (minimal) and my goals for the fit.  I’m looking to train for triathlons, and to reduce the elbow pain and some foot numbness I’ve encountered as well. 
  • Anatomic/Flexibility Assessment – Mike measured my feet, helping to assess if I’m in the right shoes, and also flexibility in my hips, knees. He found out that I have one collapsed arch, and that my left leg is slightly longer than the right.
  • Cycling Fit – Mike set up a machine called the SizeCycle for the specifications of my bicycle. He watched me cycle, gave me form tips, and adjusted the SizeCycle to make it fit best for me. Once we settled on the right specifications for me, he then applied them to my bike. The major adjustments he made were to raise my seat drastically (almost 5 cm), and also to help give me a shorter stem (the part that holds the handlebars). 

Clearly not me, but this was basically what it was like. That’s the sizecycle up there.

My takeaways:

  • This has been a great help in getting me to feel more comfortable on the bike. Worth the $$$.
  • I need to work on my form – remember to keep my back straight. Work on my core strength. 
  • Good shoes & appropriate arch support help you to pedal more comfortable and more powerfully. 

I can’t wait to try out my bike again – hopefully tomorrow morning.  Today was long run day for me!


2 thoughts on “Bike Fit

  1. Erin

    Which location of Get a Grip did you go to? Because I REALLY need a professional bike fitting. My upper back has been starting to hurt since I’ve been on my bike more.

    And I know it’s gauche to ask about money, but would you be willing to tell me how much it costs?


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