The Great Race Schedule of 2012

So my race schedule for 2012 is finally coming together.  I’ve delayed this as I was contemplating what would fit in with my goals for this year – namely related to getting faster and also doing more triathlons.  So here’s what I’ve got so far:

March: Shamrock Shuffle – The Shamrock Shuffle holds a special place in my heart (and on my ring finger!), and I also love the energy and symbolism of the start of spring and running season here in Chicago.  My Goals: Personal Record at 48 minutes. Current PR: 48:48.  I’ll need to not only train for speed, but also strategize on how to accomplish this at a race with 45,000 people. 

April: Chi-Town 10K – Why:  Continue the speedwork & distance.  This will be another opportunity for me to show off the speedwork I’ve been doing I will be doing in Feb and March. My current 10K PR is 59:49 from the Home Team Charity Run in 2011. 

June: Madison-to-Chicago 200 Ragnar Relay – Why: Fun, looking forward to the challenge of evening running. Goal: Have fun, don’t bonk. Run all legs at a decent pace. Develop and carry out an interesting training plan.

August: Madison Mini-Marathon.  One of my favorite events, and a great way to see friends from Mad-town!

August: Chicago Triathlon, International Distance. Goal: Complete triathlon strong! Train smart.

October: Chicago Marathon! Why: I love the marathon distance. Training with a bunch of other people throughout summer. Logistically easy to plan for the race.Goal: Beat 5:00. Could I get to 4:30?

What else isn’t on here yet?  Well, I want to do 4 triathlons total this year. I’ve only signed up for one so far, so that means I’d like to try and get 3 more in at some point. Maybe Pleasant Prairie in June? 

What races are you running this year?  Do you plan everything out in Jan/Feb, or create your schedule throughout the entire year?


9 thoughts on “The Great Race Schedule of 2012

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I’m lucky to have been asked by a group that I run with. If you have a running group, that seems the best way to get a team together!

  1. Erin

    Ahhh, so jealous you’re doing Ragnar! I offered to drive if my running club gets a team together. Maybe I’ll be able to run by then! Normally I have my “big” races planned out for the year by this time and add in some fun ones along the way. I really wanted to do a triathlon in 2012 but not sure if that will work this year. We’ll see!

  2. Maggie

    I’m doing: a local 5K, Shamrock Shuffle, probably a local 10K, Chi-Town Half, Sunburst Half (South Bend), 13.1 Chicago, RnR Chicago Half, Chicago Half, probably Fort2Base 10 Nautical Mile and the Chicago Marathon. And probably a few other local shorter races, and stuff after the marathon (maybe Hot Chocolate 15K or the Monster Dash Half).

    1. Lauren Post author

      Exciting! Looks like we have some overlap, so I hope we get to meet up before or after a race some time! Your training is intense, but you’ve got an intense year planned!

  3. Kayla

    Looks like a good year! Its kind of going be the year of the half marathon for me 4-5 halfs planned at the moment and am planning on mixing in some smaller races but alot will depend on how my rotations go (aka how much time they take up). So far I have Disney Princess, shamrock shuffle, 13.1 Chicago, RnR chicago, Chicago half planned and a couple fun races like Warrior Dash. The others will be planned later on. I kind of wish I was doing a full this year but I don’t believe its going to work with my schedule. I hope I’ll be able to spectate Chicago though 🙂

    1. Lauren Post author

      The year of the half is great too! I ended up doing five half marathons in 2010, and that lead me onto a multiple marathon 2011 year. It’s all great! If you’re around in July, I love doing the Women’s 10K. Great shirts, great swag, although super hot. I haven’t missed a year since I started running it.


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