Weekly Workout Round-Up–Week 6

This week was CRRRAZY! Work kind of blew up, and it was all I could do to maintain sanity.  I probably put in 60+ hours this week at work.

February 6-12: 

Monday: early AM personal training session.  Strength train burn!  I then arrived at work and found out there was some major technical issues at work, which would later color (or erase) the workouts for later in the week. 

Tuesday: 90 minute Taste of VQ cycling workout.  Hills.

Wednesday:  Work from 6a-11:30p.  No workouts today. I was very sad to skip a run I’d planned w/ a friend I don’t see as often as I’d like.  I did notice some elbow pain that I’d had previously; I think it may be due to the cycling. Time for a bike fit?

Thursday:  6a work.  No workouts.

Friday: Rest. Actually made it home before 7 today. 

Saturday:  Thanks to my friend Erica, I was up and at yoga for the 10 AM class.  Thismay have been the hardest yoga class ever – mostly because I haven’t been resting and fueling my body properly this week. 

Sunday: Rest. Does buying new running shoes count? 

Feb 13 2012 - new brooks pure cadence

And  a positive start to this week: I was up & at ‘em early this morning and have already put in a four mile run!  A trend I’m looking to keep up this week.  Feb 13 2012

My quick workout plan for this week – aimed at getting me back on the fitness track after sliding last week:

  • Monday: Run – done!
  • Tuesday: VQ Workout in PM, maybe an AM run?
  • Wednesday:  early AM yoga.  Maybe a PM run?
  • Thursday: Strength train in AM, Run w/ RAM Ladies in PM (and eat some good ol’ Papa John’s Smile)
  • Friday-Sunday – haven’t figured it out yet, but I anticipate more running, and maybe a yoga class?

Have a great Monday everyone!


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