Chicago Marathon


So I registered for Chicago. Just like the other 30,000 people this week. 


I’m excited about it, and have some major goals:

  • Train well
  • Don’t wimp out in training
  • Break 5 hours, target 4:45 or faster. 

I said in my 2012 Goals that I wanted to wait before committing to the marathon again until I get faster.  While I haven’t given myself much opportunity to prove myself on this quite yet, I am confident that I’m working to get myself faster. 

I want to commit myself to selecting a good training program and commiting myself to following it through.  In both of my marathon training periods in 2011 (for the Illinois Marathon and also Fox Valley Marathon) I didn’t actually follow my marathon training to a T.  I’m not sure if I need to be a part of a group training program or be coached, but those are both things that I’m considering for Chicago.  I want to do well by me and meet my goals.  Even when things get tough in training, I want to accomplish what I set out to do. 


6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon

  1. Erin

    I found that just training with a group kept me way more accountable than training on my own. At the very least, doing my long runs with a least one other person made me keep up my mid-week runs so that I wouldn’t drag down my running partner(s) too much!

  2. Gingerfoxxx

    Yay for the Chicago Marathon! I am also planning on running it, and a little worried about keeping up with the training plan without the structure of a group. Should be fun though! 🙂

  3. kilax

    You have lots of time to figure out what will work best for you! I know Erin said a group helps her, but I seem to do really well on my own. What does your past tell you?

    So happy you got in before it closed!

    1. Lauren Post author

      I like the structure of meeting with groups, however the previous group I trained with didn’t provide enough personalized coaching (they didn’t notice when I dropped out!). So I’m not sure if I should try another group, or if I should spring for a specific coach, but I do appreciate the accountability to someone else.

  4. Emily

    Unbelievable that it closed in just 6 days! I hear you, I am so torn on training alone or training with a group, too. I much prefer the flexibility of training alone but those long runs do get really killer by yourself. The good news is that there are several months to debate back and forth, LOL.


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