Weekly Workout Round-up–Week 4 & 5

OK, so it takes me a while to get into new habits.  Blogging more consistently is a goal I have for February.  Send me any tips you have on that please! Here are my workouts for the past two weeks:

January 23-29:

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday:  Yoga in the morning.  Good times!

Thursday:  Rest.

Friday: Rest. I did hoof it over to the Lululemon Warehouse sale and waited in line for a while.

Saturday:  13.1 mile run with the CES Winter Warriors program. This was the final weekend of the program, so I ran it to finish things out!  I’d been out late the night before (!) so I wasn’t feeling like pushing myself for most of the run. Lilian and I did a comfortable run together, although I pushed it in for the last two miles.  Had a wonderful oatmeal bar back at Fleet Feet after the ‘race.’

Sunday: Rest.

And then onto this week!

January 30 – February 5:

Monday: 30 minute strength training session w/ Dan at Hard Pressed Chicago. I always love these workouts as they’re hard, but it’s only 30 minutes long. You can push yourself hard for 30 minutes.

Tuesday: This was my first cycling class over at Vision Quest Coaching. They are a computrainer gym, so you bring your bike and put it on a trainer that is then set up to provide you with a customized workout for the day. Everyone performs the same workout, but just at your own level of intensity, as measured by watts & power.  I don’t know too much about this stuff yet, but it’s safe to say that was the hardest bike workout I’ve ever done.

Wednesday: Slept in as my butt still hurt. I’d meant to go to yoga, but was tired and also had some early work duties  on my mind.  I did attend the Chicago Tri Club monthly meeting though!

Thursday: Another personal training session in the AM, and then went to the Running Away Ladies Night Run. I did a quick 3 miles and met some awesome ladies!

Friday: Rest.  Although roaming the aisles at Target could be considered a workout!

Saturday: Rest.  I did go and volunteer at the Dare2Tri swim clinic, which was a fun experience. I assisted a blind woman in improving her freestyle stroke, and got to see a bunch of other amazing people work on their swimming as well – whether it was a quadriplegic child who’d never been in a pool before, or a seasoned paratriathlete work on improving his or her stroke!

Sunday: Haven’t finished it yet, but I’m planning on a 4 mile run. Hopefully a tempo style run Smile

So – Lots of rest one week, and then a relatively light week for this past week!  I’m putting some specific goals for February into place soon!


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